RFP 2019-069 Authorization to Sell Beverage Alcohol as Part of a Retail Business

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario invites prospective respondents to this Request for Proposal (RFP) who currently operate an existing retail business in one of the selected communities across the Province of Ontario to submit proposals to establish and operate an “LCBO Convenience Outlet” for the retail sale of beverage alcohol within their existing retail business premises.

Under the Program, the LCBO authorizes local retailers to sell beverage alcohol in conjunction with other retail goods. LCBO Convenience Outlets sell beverage alcohol to the public at the same prices charged at regular LCBO retail stores, The Beer Store and other retail outlets. However, purchases of beverage alcohol by a Convenience Outlet operator from the LCBO will be at a discounted price. Operators issued an Authorization under this RFP will be able to begin to sell beverage alcohol once they receive their first order of product.

Is Your Location on The List?

The November 2019 list of community locations was determined by The Government of Ontario, in consultation with the LCBO.

Click on the link below to see if your location is on the list. The LCBO will only evaluate applications from locations on the list.

Appendix A

Time Table and Summary of Submission Instructions

Deadline for Questions Friday, November 8, 2019
Deadline for Submission of Responses Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Submissions must be sent to:
Site Visits Month of December 2019
Anticipated Issuance of Authorizations Starting in Janaury 2020
Procurement Contact

Due to the potential high volume of applicants we are unable to respond to inquiries by phone. All questions must be submitted in writing.

Respondents should only phone if they are experiencing difficulty submitting a response and must do so prior to the deadline.

  • Each email submission of Response must not exceed 50MB.
  • Respondents should ensure that the subject line of the email includes the Community Name and Location Number.
  • Respondents will receive an LCBO automatic email reply when a response is submitted. If Respondents do not receive an automatic response email, they should contact the procurement contact identified above and in Section 4.8 of the RFP prior to the Deadline for Submission.

Respondents must download the RFP and the Forms below for full details about the LCO Program and complete submission instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Frequently Asked Questions guide below to determine if you’re eligible to apply and for answers to commonly asked questions regarding this program.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How To Fill out Your Application Guide

    Read the guide below for step-by-step instructions and examples of how to fill out Appendix B- Application Form, Appendix C – Personal History Form and for an example of a hand-drawn Floor Plan.

  • How to Fill Out Your Application Guide
  • Application Checklist

    Once you’ve completed and signed all the forms, use this checklist to ensure you submit all the required documents

    Checklist of What to Submit for RFP 2019-069 Authorization to Sell Beverage Alcohol as Part of a Retail Business

    • One form per person for all people listed in the Appendix B - Application Form including the Proposed Manager;
    • Floor Plan
    • Criminal Background Check for every person listed in the Appendix B - Application Form, including the Proposed Manager(do not submit the receipt); and
    • Articles of Incorporation if applicant is a corporation; or a Master Business Licence or a Partnership Agreement, if applicant is a sole proprietor or partnership. Some sole proprietors will not have a Master Business Licence.

    Please note:

    • Email submissions must not exceed 50 MB;
    • Where possible, scan all documents together and send as one file. Refer to “How to Fill Out Your LCBO Convenience Outlet Authorization Application Forms” for more detailed instructions.

    For a printable checklist, click here.


  • Addendum

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