Health and Safety - Expectations

Health and Safety is a corporate value of the LCBO and any work performed by LCBO employees or on behalf of the LCBO by a supplier must be done with the utmost focus on Health and Safety.

The Health & Safety Acknowledgement - LCBO Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Projects
(LCB 2276)
form must be completed in full and signed prior to submitting it with tender documents. For any construction, renovations/maintenance work contracted with the LCBO, this form is mandatory. The form is required as part of the bid response and this requirement will be clearly indicated in the bid documents - failure to submit an appropriately completed and signed form will result in the disqualification of a Bid.

Once the work under a contract begins, the Manager of Contractor Safety will conduct random field/site audits of the successful Bidder's construction practices and safe work procedures to ensure strict compliance with the Bidder's own Health and Safety Manual as well as the Ontario Health & Safety Act and the Regulations for Construction Projects.

If a contractor receives three (3) "Unacceptable" audit evaluations (as defined on the Audit document) over the life of a contract, this will result in the successful Bidder being prohibited from bidding on any future LCBO projects for a period of one (1) year.

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