If you see a tender that you are interested in bidding on – click on the tender title and the Call for Bids document will open. The Call for Bids will be specific to that project and will include details, such as:

  1. Project Number i.e. RFT No. T2011-7777
  2. Project Name and project location (Store number and city)
  3. Procurement representative name and email address
  4. Overview of scope of work
  5. Anticipated project start date and completion date
  6. Whether there is a site meeting for the project. Note - some projects have a mandatory site meeting.
  7. Whether a bid deposit is required and how much it is, i.e. bid deposit in the amount of $______ in the form of a Bid Bond made payable to LCBO.
  8. The cost of the RFT document package (non-refundable) and how to make payment and/or purchase the documents in person.
  9. The mailing address of the Procurement and Contract Management department of the LCBO, where you must send the Completed Call for Bids form.
  10. The deadline for accepting Bids, i.e. 3:00:59 p.m. Toronto time on _____, 2011 at the abovementioned Procurement and Contract Management department address.

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