Real Estate - Overview

The LCBO manages all real estate activities internally. The LCBO works with property owners, government representatives of municipalities and planning, legal counsel and real estate agents/brokers in all real estate transactions. All site selections, evaluations, analysis, negotiations and the lease documentation process for new store development, existing store renewals and property divestures are also managed internally by the LCBO.

All real estate decisions are made following extensive research and market analysis that examines population growth, and residential and commercial developments. This occurs in high-growth communities, rural areas and smaller urban centres. The LCBO store strategy includes closing stores in waning markets and pursues opportunities in expanding markets.

The LCBO works directly with landlords and tenants to ensure compliance with lease obligations.

Should you have a site that you would like to present for our review, kindly fill in and return this Site Selection Checklist (click here to download) and please provide us with a full site plan and or all of your demographic information. All proposals may be sent electronically to Andrea Sujer at

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