Retail Store Construction - Property Services

The Property Services Department at the LCBO manages the ongoing Maintenance, Repair and Emergency work required for all stores in the LCBO store network. This work includes but is not limited to:

  • Preventative Maintenance: The LCBO has a robust Preventative Maintenance program that maintains and repairs LCBO assets in the store network. Maintenance programs are in place for Auto-Doors, HVAC and Refrigeration Systems, Receiving Area Equipment, Security Equipment, Fire and Life Safety Systems and Materials Handling Equipment.
  • Repair Work: Repair work is required at individual stores from time to time. Project scopes can vary from sidewalk replacement, millwork, flooring, parking lots, painting to shelving, etc. These projects are tendered individually on the LCBO website.
  • Rollouts: In order to achieve economies, the LCBO groups replacement requirements for its assets found at many stores into one project which is often called a "Rollout". For example, Instead of individually tendering the replacement of Fifty Refrigerators at Twenty-five stores, the LCBO will tender them all together and award to one vendor. Common rollouts for the LCBO include Refrigeration Replacement, Janitor Room Renovations, HVAC Replacement, Roof Replacement, Lighting Replacement and Kitchenette Renovations.

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