How to Introduce New Products to Vintages

Agents and suppliers should be aware that meetings to discuss supplier portfolio opportunities will be granted only if there is currently a need for products from varietals or regions produced by this supplier. Agents should submit, by e-mail, a detailed meeting request (i.e. who, what, when, why, for how long) with a product summary sheet attached at least three weeks in advance to allow the buyer an opportunity to evaluate the value of a face-to-face meeting. Requests for Supplier Meetings may be declined if the offers do not fit into our current needs and/or promotional plans.

VINTAGES is the fine wine and premium spirits business unit of the LCBO. Most of the products sold through VINTAGES are available for a limited time, and our product portfolio changes constantly. This ever-changing selection is an opportunity for new producers to establish their presence in Ontario and build a reputation for quality products.

Doing Business with VINTAGES


Product Need Letters

VINTAGES issues a Product Needs Letter to the trade, usually three times per year. This letter goes directly to the various trade associations, and is also available on this site.

The Schedule of Product Requirements details:

  • Product Categories & Parameters
  • Pre-Submission Deadlines
  • Call Back Deadlines
  • Sample Deadlines
  • Tasting Dates

See current VINTAGES Needs Letters

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