New Products

For a product to be considered for sale through the LCBO's retail stores, you must apply first with the appropriate business unit as outlined in this website. LCBO staff from each respective area decide what products we will purchase and retail. Because we receive significantly more new product submissions than we can merchandise, competition is strong.

In each case, the product is thoroughly evaluated-including quality, price, value, packaging and marketing plans-before we make a decision about whether or not to carry a product. As well, once we decide to purchase a product, it's important that agents stay on top of how their products are selling in each market area. Since demand for shelf space is so high, we will discontinue products that aren't selling well to make room for others that will. It is therefore to an agent's advantage to work with the LCBO to host tastings, and develop other types of marketing programs that will draw consumer attention to new products and build lasting sales.

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