Testing of Products Sold by the LCBO but not Warehoused by the LCBO

In accordance with LCBO Quality Assurance protocols, every Product sold by the LCBO that is not warehoused by the LCBO (i.e., direct deliveries to LCBO stores), must undergo annual laboratory testing for compliance with LCBO chemical and labeling guidelines. Each Ontario beverage alcohol Supplier must make the necessary arrangements for annual Product testing and may do so in two ways.

Forward representative samples (minimum of three (3) bottles) of each Product to:
LCBO Quality Assurance Department - Dept. # 965
3rd Floor, Sales & Marketing Division
43 Freeland Street
Toronto, ON M5E 1L5

For current testing fees, please contact

Independent laboratories may also be used to conduct Product testing. If this option is selected, the laboratory used is required to have a quality management system accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. In addition, the laboratory will be accredited in the analysis of alcoholic beverages and must conduct testing in compliance with the parameters established by the LCBO's Quality Assurance Department (reference LCBO Guidelines for Chemical Analysis). The LCBO will only accept Certificates of Analysis from laboratories that meet these requirements.

Samples of every Product must be tested annually. Each Supplier is responsible for either providing the LCBO Quality Assurance Department with the appropriate samples or a copy of a Certificate of Analysis for each Product.

Other Testing

Services of the LCBO's Quality Assurance Department, including chemical analysis, are also available on a fee-for-service basis for Products not sold by the LCBO. All manufacturers are encouraged to utilize these or other accredited testing facilities to help ensure the safety, quality, and compliance of all of their Products.

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