Ongoing Product Testing & Packaging Evaluation

Once per year, a randomly selected sample of every active Product at the LCBO is forwarded to the LCBO Quality Assurance laboratory for chemical analysis, organoleptic assessment, and a packaging review.


Suppliers with an active LCBO account will automatically be debited the applicable lab fee.  The certificate of analysis will constitute proof of payment through this debit process.  One-time Suppliers will be required to submit a cheque for the applicable amount to the LCBO at the time of sample submission.  Please consult the Quality Assurance section for additional information.

Additionally, should any chemical, quality, or packaging issues with the Product arise (i.e., consumer complaints) the Product will be reviewed.

Products that are found not to comply with LCBO chemical analysis or organoleptic assessment, packaging/labelling, or Product Identification Standards or requirements, at any time, will be treated by the LCBO in a manner appropriate to the type of defect or non-compliance, at the discretion of the LCBO but subject to the paramount consideration of public safety.

This may require one or more of the following actions:

  • Warehouse stock will be placed on hold
  • Store stock may be withdrawn from sale
  • A public recall of the Product may have to be issued
  • Corrective action may have to be taken to rectify the deficiency by the Supplier.

If it is determined that the Supplier is responsible for the defect, or non-compliance, the Supplier will be responsible for all costs to remove or dispose of the Product or to rectify a deficiency. These costs may include:

  • A rebate to the LCBO to reduce the LCBO retail price of the Product
  • Charges to correct packaging or labelling deficiencies
  • Destruction of warehouse and/or store stock at Supplier's expense

Return of warehouse and/or store stock to the Supplier at the Supplier's expense.

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