Research Projects

The QA department welcomes an opportunity to work with your company on applied research projects and offers technical expertise and research services on a contractual basis.

Working with our client partners, the QA department has expanded the industry's collective knowledge base through these and other innovative projects:

Cork Taint

The QA department recently collaborated with a cork manufacturer and a winery to develop tests for the analysis of TCA and related compounds in corks and wine. These methods were applied to explain the potential cause of cork taint and the kinetics describing the leaching of TCA from corks and the effect of different storage conditions.

Wine Antioxidants

The QA department is involved with ongoing research on the concentration of polyphenolic constituents in various alcohol beverage products and their potential biological activity as anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogens.

QA collaborated with industry and educational institutions to study technologies to recover and enrich wine with natural grape antioxidants and the effect of micro-oxygenation on wine polyphenols and oak extract.

Product Authentication

The QA department has developed authentication techniques for icewine, spirits, and other alcohol beverage products using sophisticated systems such as GC-IR-MS and GC-MS. These techniques are used to help manufacturers and regulators identify fraudulent products.

Pyrazines in Wine

The QA department developed analytical methodologies for the detection of methoxy-isopropyl pyrazine and methoxy-isobutyl pyrazine in wine and collaborated with the wine industry and educational institutions to study the influence of Harmonia axyridis on the sensory properties of wine and potential remedial treatments for wine affected by Harmonia axyridis.

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