Packaging & Quality

As one of the world's largest beverage alcohol retailers, the LCBO sells more than $3.5 billion of wine, spirits and beer annually. Every product is tasted, tested and certified by the LCBO's Quality Assurance (QA) department. In fact, the QA department conducts more than 400,000 laboratory tests and tastes more than 5,000 products each year.

As a retailer of beverage alcohol in the province of Ontario, the LCBO is responsible for ensuring the products purchased and offered for sale are in compliance with the LCBO Product Packaging Standards and Chemical Guidelines, which are based on federal and provincial compositional labelling requirements. In addition, all products must comply with specific LCBO requirements essential to our retail environment.

These pages present links, downloads and information intended to assist suppliers in designing labels that meet LCBO requirements.
The LCBO provides label examination review services for products:

  • Purchased by or in the process of being purchased by the LCBO
  • Purchased by The Beer Store (TBS)
  • Ontario wines offered for sale under an Ontario Winery Retail Licence
  • Manufactured in Ontario for sale only at the manufacturing sites.

Request for Label Examination forms are available on the Forms page of this site.
Suppliers desiring Canadian label review of products that are not for sale in Ontario should avail themselves of the label review service offered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This service reviews labels against federal requirements only.

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