Brand Hi Lite Displays

Brand Hi Lites are premium displays that extend out of the regular shelving and are crowned by a branded backlit sign. The program runs on a quarterly basis in our high profile stores. A limited number of opportunities are available. Interested suppliers should contact the appropriate Category Manager.

There are four turns in this program

  • Turn 1 - P3, P4, P5
  • Turn 2 - P6, P7, P8
  • Turn 3 - P9, P10, P11
  • Turn 4 - P12, P13, P1, P2


Follow this link for rate information.

Participating Stores

10, 21, 187, 334, 346, 445, 590

Product Placement

  • A maximum of three products can be displayed on the same display. Spirits products must be ingredients to make a cocktail.
  • The featured product assortment will occupy one Brand Hi Lite display in each participating store. Display locations are registered on each store's floor plan.
  • The location of the display is not open to negotiation by suppliers.
  • Store staff will build all displays in their allocated positions.

Promotional Material

  • A backlit sign with a picture of one of the featured products. Spirits products feature one product; Ready to Drink and Beer feature a pour shot, at category discretion.


Contact the appropriate Category (Spirits or Beer and Ready to Drink) to apply for the program.

  • Products do not need to be integrated with the current in-store Promotional Turn.

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