End Aisle Displays

End Aisle Displays are the core of the LCBO's promotional programs. These high rotation display opportunities are strategically located and significantly impact the sales of the selected products. End Aisle Displays offer suppliers an opportunity to promote their brands in full integration with the LCBO's Promotional Turn. Advertising opportunities will be available to increase product visibility and customer traffic.

For fiscal 2015-16, stores have been separated into two flights – flight A and B. The first ten end aisles will be distinct in each flight, while the last ten locations will be common to both groups.

Flight A

  • End Aisle Displays 1a to 10a are present in 155 stores
  • Products selected should be premium, seasonally relevant, and can be new

Flight B

  • End Aisle Displays 1b to 10b are present in 191 stores
  • Products selected must be high volume and broadly popular

Flight A & B – End Aisle Displays 11-20

  • Products selected must be high volume and broadly popular

For a list of stores in Flights A and B click here.

Vintages End Aisle (VL) Displays: Starting in P12/P13 2018, a new bi-monthly program will feature two products from the Essentials Collection on a front facing end aisle display. Click here for full promotional details

For a list of End Aisle VL stores, click here.

The Community Program: A selected group of our high volume Regular stores feature five sold end aisle displays. These End Aisle Displays correspond to the Regular End Aisle 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Spirits Rules

  1. No Standard Products to be approved for end aisles (at Manager's discretion)
  2. Two out of three products on end aisle must have a support program, only one of which may be a necktag
  3. If an end aisle is shared between three suppliers, all three products must have support, none of which can be a necktag
  4. A necktag is not considered sufficient support for a shelf extender
  5. A single 1140mL or 1750mL format within a brand family could be priced in a lower band, without the whole brand family being reclassified to the lower band.


Follow this link for rate information.

The exact number of end aisles for a particular period are subject to change and will be forwarded at the time of billing.

Advertising costs are additional. By agreeing to participate in this program, suppliers also agree to participate in and be billed for the thematic FSI if their products are selected.

Support Programs

  • Applicants are required to purchase a support program such as Bonus AIR MILES®, Bundled Bonus AIR MILES®, LTO, Value Add, Necktag or Contest for at least one of the featured products. This requirement may be waived for the Solution End Aisle Displays.
  • A minimum of 20 tastings is mandatory for the Solution End Aisles in the Premium Flight Store.
  • For all End Aisle Displays a minimum of 20 tastings is strongly recommended in the Standard Flight Stores.
  • Approved suppliers will be given priority in the LCBOs Special Event Program.

Product Placement

  • Up to three products per end maximum in Flagship, Full Service and Image Stores.
  • Two out of three products (when applicable) in Community stores. It is the Store Manager's discretion to feature two of the three featured products. The decision is based on store demographics and inventory requirements.
  • End Aisle # 1 - checkout - Up to two products (up to three if products are 375 mL in size).
  • End Aisle Display locations are numbered and registered on each store's floor plan.
  • The location of the numbered End Aisle Displays is not open to negotiation by suppliers.
  • Store staff will build and merchandise all End Aisle Displays in their allocated positions.

Participating Stores

  • Flagship, Full Service and IMAGE stores dedicate their End Aisles Displays to the approved products.
  • Community Program stores (selected Regular stores) dedicate five (5) End Aisles Displays to the approved product. These End Aisle Displays correspond to End Aisles # 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in all Flagship, Full Service and IMAGE stores.

The chart below lists all End Aisle Display opportunities and the number of stores that offer them.

END AISLE 1FLIGHT AStore count :128
END AISLE 1FLIGHT BStore count :147
END AISLE 2FLIGHT AStore count :150
END AISLE 2FLIGHT BStore count :207
END AISLE 3FLIGHT AStore count :155
END AISLE 3FLIGHT BStore count :219
END AISLE 4FLIGHT AStore count :155
END AISLE 4FLIGHT BStore count :217
END AISLE 5FLIGHT AStore count :155
END AISLE 5FLIGHT BStore count :217
END AISLE 6FLIGHT AStore count :149
END AISLE 6FLIGHT BStore count :199
END AISLE 7FLIGHT AStore count :138
END AISLE 7FLIGHT BStore count :157
END AISLE 8FLIGHT AStore count :135
END AISLE 8FLIGHT BStore count :147
END AISLE 9FLIGHT AStore count :126
END AISLE 9FLIGHT BStore count :120
END AISLE 10FLIGHT AStore count :119
END AISLE 10FLIGHT BStore count :118
END AISLE 11Store count :141
END AISLE 12Store count :141
END AISLE 13Store count :141
END AISLE 14Store count :141
END AISLE 15Store count :163
END AISLE 16Store count :50
END AISLE 17Store count :50
END AISLE 18Store count :50
END AISLE 19Store count :50
END AISLE 20Store count :71

Promotional Turn Themes

The Annual Promotional Calendar outlines each Promotional Turn.

Details on category allocation and preferred product set for each end aisle can be found here.

Promotional Material

  • Branded backer cards will link to the LCBO's promotional themes. The Supplier may provide copy to be applied to the backer card (maximum 25 words). The LCBO reserves the right to revise the provided copy.
  • Enhanced Branded shelf talkers pricer cards for all products (maximum 3).
  • Promotional materials will be distributed to all stores by the LCBO.

Supplier Material (Optional)

Follow this link to the Supplier Material Specifications Page.


Opportunities to participate in LCBO's advertising campaign are outlined under each Promotional Turn.

By agreeing to participate in the End Aisle Display Program, a supplier also agrees to participate in and be billed for the thematic FSI if their product is included.

The LCBO will select the most appropriate products that align with the promotional strategy.


Follow this link for information.

Deadline Dates

Follow this link to the deadline dates page.

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