Front End Merchandiser

The LCBO has tested new merchandising options and programs for the Front End Merchandisers. These tests have confirmed a new corporate standard for the Front End Merchandiser which will roll-out in 153 stores beginning Period 3, 2012.

The new programs have proven to generate incremental sales, create consistency across the stores and encourage customers to discover new products.

Below is a summary of the key changes to the Front End Merchandiser:

  • 50mL Spirits will be discontinued in favour of 200mL Spirits format (a small assortment of Licensee only 50mL's will be maintained for backroom sales only)
  • A new IMAGE Sold Space program to feature NEW products (P1-P8, P11-P13)
  • A new IMAGE Sold Space program to feature 375mL Spirits during the Holiday (P9 and P10)
  • A new Top 10 Core 200mL Spirits program by PPG (Product Profile Grouping)
  • Standardized Staff Pick merchandising
  • A revitalized 200mL Spirits and 375mL Wine assortment

The following information describes the details of the new Front End Merchandiser Sold Space program.

Front End Merchandiser Sold Space Program

There will be a new sold space program located on the Front End Merchandisers intended to incent trial and generate incremental impulse sales. There are two aspects to this program:

‘NEW’ feature
For Periods 1-8 and Periods 11-13, the sold space program will feature 1-2 ‘NEW’ products that will change each promotional turn. 

375mL Spirits feature
For Periods 9-10, the sold space program will feature 10 popular 375mL Spirits ideal for holiday sales.

Participating Stores
Click to see the participating stores.


‘NEW’ feature (Periods 1-8 & 11-13):

  • $165 per store per period; up to 2 products featured.

375mL Spirits feature (Periods 9 & 10 combined):

  • $50 per store per product = (Placement on top 2 shelves, 4 sold spaces available)
  • $40 per store per product = (Placement on middle shelf, 2 sold spaces available)
  • $30 per store per product = (Placement on bottom 2 shelves, 4 sold spaces available)
  • Total 10 skus featured for two consecutive periods (Holiday)

Application Procedures & Deadlines

Applications can be made via MPTS under “Display Space”.


  • Periods 3-8:  Invitation only (due to timelines)
  • Periods 9-11:  Applications due May 4, 2012 (P9/10 = 375mL Spirits feature, P11 = ‘NEW’ feature)
  • Periods 12-13 & Periods 1-2 (2013/14): Applications due June 8, 2012
  • Subsequent periods will follow the regular IMAGE application deadlines

Category Allocations

Category Allocations

Criteria for Selection

‘NEW’ feature (Periods 1-8 & 11-13):


  • Products to be launched within previous five months
  • Featured skus are not required to be from the same agent/supplier


  • Spirits - 750mL or 375mL Premium/Deluxe
  • Wines - 750mL or 375mL Premium/Deluxe
  • Beer/RTD – Single serve or pack format

Price Point

  • Wines – $10 to $13 / Flavoured Wines – no restrictions
  • Spirits – Premium, up to $35
  • RTD – Mainstream or Premium
  • Beer – no restrictions

Support Programs

Goal is to communicate “NEW”.

  • Approved products are permitted to participate in LTO or BAM programming to incent trial.

Annual Volume

 Preference will be given to products with high anticipated annual Net Sales $ volume


If two SKU’s are selected to participate, the Category Manager will select with a common theme in mind (i.e. varietal, brand name, flavour)

375mL Spirits feature (Periods 9 & 10 combined):


  • 375mL Spirits with high volume sales during P9/10 and/or strong holiday appeal

Price Point

  • Spirits - 375mL Premium/Deluxe

Support Programs

  • Participating products are encouraged to apply for support programming, however it is not mandatory.
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