Pod Display

Starting in fiscal 2015/2016, the number of displays in the pod program will be reduced from three to one. The remaining pod will be merchandised in the centre of the power aisle and will feature select new product launches and/or one-time special buys. These products must also be seasonally relevant. There are no pods sold for Promotional Turn 9 and 10.


Follow this link for rate information.

Participating Stores

The Product Manager will confirm the number of stores when inviting a supplier to participate.

Participating Stores List

Support Programs

Applicants may elect to purchase a support program such as Bonus AIR MILES®, Bundled Bonus AIR MILES®, or Contest for at least one of the featured products.

  • Contest
    Contest Ballots are permitted only if the contest theme integrates with the overall promotional theme. The contest rules and terms must comply with LCBO's rules for contest (see contest section).

  • Tastings - NEW Pod Display
    Tastings are a mandatory component of the New Pod Display package. The supplier is required to book the appropriate staff/tasting company and food match for tastings in the participating stores. These tastings should be booked through the Retail Tasting Administrator and Special Events. Note that the Retail Tasting and Special Events program will allocate the approved number of tastings to the supplier who has this display program purchased. This will secure store availability in advance of traditional deadlines. The supplier must host one tasting per store for the New Thematic Pod. Standard tasting bar and charity charges will apply. See the LCBO Tasting Program Guidelines for information.

The location and the size of the Pod Display are not open to negotiation by suppliers.

Store staff will build and maintain all Pod Displays.

Promotional Material

  • Branded signage will link to the promotional theme.
  • Branded Pricer Cards (one per product).
  • Promotional material will be produced and distributed to participating stores by the LCBO.

Note: Unapproved signage must not be presented by suppliers' representatives to stores. Unapproved signage will be removed and discarded.


Participation in this program is by invitation only. The appropriate Category/Product Manager will contact the supplier.

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