Shelf Extenders

Shelf Extenders are an important part of the Display Program and have proven to be a successful opportunity for suppliers to promote their brands. Shelf Extenders have a significant impact on store sales.

There are four types of Shelf Extenders.

  • Regular Shelf Extenders: The intent of this type of extender is to give priority to medium and large volume brands; However, some more niche products may be considered at the Category or Product Manager's discretion for extender positions in a limited number of stores.
  • Discovery Shelf Extenders: New and Niche products.
  • Community Shelf Extenders: Selected stores will feature five Shelf Extenders to cater to popular brands with large distribution of 400+ stores. An additional grouping of 47 stores will offer five additional Shelf Extenders available for promotional programs.
  • Green Shelf Extender Product Selection Criteria: The program's goal is to feature brands and products which are using sustainable, biodynamic, or organic agricultural practices, have light weight glass or an alternative packaging, are carbon neutral or somehow are helping to create a greener planet.


Follow this link for rate information.

Support programs

In order to maximize the impact of the Shelf Extender program, applicants are required to purchase a support program such as Bonus AIR MILES®, Bundled Bonus AIR MILES®, Limited Time Offers, Value Add, Necktag or Contest.

Tastings and Special Events are recommended to support the Regular and Discovery Shelf Extender Programs.

Note: Participation to support programs is not mandatory for the Green Shelf Extender.


  • Up to 65 regular Shelf Extenders in Flagship, Full Service and IMAGE stores.
  • Up to 9 Discovery Shelf Extenders in select stores to cater to new and niche products. There are 3 opportunities per Promotional Turn per category.
  • Community Shelf Extenders in Regular Stores to cater to popular brands with large distribution. Community Shelf Extenders are only available to wines and spirits.
  • 1 Green Shelf Extender in select stores.

Participating stores

  Shelf Extenders
Regular Community Discovery Green
Number of Shelf Extenders 40 45 50 55 60 65 10 9 1
Number of stores - see changes 126 29 13 63 16 20

C1 - C5 - 288

C5 - C10 - 41

Wine Shelf Extenders: 78 stores

Spirits Shelf Extenders: 37 stores

Beer and Ready to Drink: 55 stores


  • The Shelf Extender is kept fully stocked for the duration of the Promotional Turn.
  • One product per Shelf Extender maximum.
  • All Stores participating in the program and carrying the approved products are required to display them on a Shelf Extender with the P.O.P. provided.
  • Stores are not required to stock all of the approved products participating in the Shelf Extender programs for each Promotional Turn. It is the Store Manager's discretion to bring the product in for the Promotional Turn. Alternatively, a substitute brand from the same brand family or another brand from the supplier will be displayed for the duration of the Promotional Turn.
  • If a store brings in a product for the Promotional Turn, there is no guarantee the product will be carried year round in that store.
  • It is the store's responsibility to keep Shelf Extenders fully stocked and maintained for the duration of the Promotional Turn.
  • Suppliers will be billed for the number of Shelf Extenders present in stores.

Shelf Extenders Placement

  • While the Shelf Extenders are in a fixed location it does not limit the opportunity to these categories. All product categories may apply for a Shelf Extender.
  • Some products may be cross-merchandised in another category to increase customer awareness.
  • The Category or Product Manager approves all Shelf Extender allocations. Suppliers will be notified of the approved location for their products.

The chart below outlines the Shelf Extender distribution per category and location in store. There may be some variation in location from store to store.

Regular Shelf Extenders
  Subject to change. Number of extenders
  Extender name Number of Stores
1 Vodka A 37
2 Vodka B 159
3 Vodka C 299
4 Vodka D 327
5 Vodka E 327
6 Rum A 22
7 Rum B 159
8 Rum C 299
9 Rum D 314
10 Rum E 327
11 Canadian Whisky A 37
12 Canadian Whisky B 159
13 Canadian Whisky C 314
14 Canadian Whisky D 327
15 Canadian Whisky E 327
16 Scotch A 299
17 Scotch B 327
18 Gin A 314
19 Liqueurs A 113
20 Liqueurs B 299
21 Liqueurs C 327
22 Liqueurs D 327
23 Brandy A 22
24 Brandy B 314
25 Tequila A 113
26 Ontario Blend A 299
27 Ontario Blend B 314
28 Ontario Blend C 327
29 Ontario Non-VQA A 159
30 Ontario Non-VQA B 299
31 Ontario Non-VQA C 327
32 Ontario Non-VQA D 327
33 Ontario VQA A 96
34 Ontario VQA B 113
35 Australia/New Zealand A 96
36 Australia/New Zealand B 113
37 Australia/New Zealand C 314
38 Australia/New Zealand D 327
39 USA A 327
40 USA B 327
41 Chile A 113
42 Chile B 327
43 France Blend A 22
44 France Blend B 327
45 France South A 37
46 France South B 314
47 France Bordeaux/Burgundy A 96
48 Italy Central A 37
49 Italy Central B 327
50 Italy North A 159
51 Italy North B 327
52 Southern Europe A 22
53 Southern Europe B 96
54 Germany A 314
55 Sparkling A 96
56 Sparkling B 299
57 Ontario Beer A 37
58 Ontario Beer B 327
62 Beer 4 (USA BEER A) 314
63 Ready-to-Drink 1 (PARTY ZONE 1) 314
64 Ready-to-Drink 2 (PARTY ZONE 2) 299
65 Ready-to-Drink 3 (PARTY ZONE 3) 327
Community Shelf Extenders
C1 Rum 294
C2 Canadian Whisky 294
C3 Ontario non-VQA Blend 294
C4 French Blend 294
C5 Fixed Store Location 294
C6 Vodka NEW P3 2012 (Vodka) 99
C7 Scotch NEW P3 2012 (Scotch) 99
C8 Liqueurs NEW P3 2012 (Liqueurs) 99
C9 Ontario Blends NEW P3 2012 (Ontario Blends) 99
C10 France Red NEW P3 2012 (France Red) 99
Discovery Shelf Extenders
D1 Wines 1 67
D2 Wines 2 67
D3 Wines 3 67
D4 Beer & Ready-to-Drink 1 52
D5 Beer & Ready-to-Drink 2 52
D6 Beer & Ready-to-Drink 3 52
D7 Spirits 1 35
D8 Spirits 2 35
D9 Spirits 3 35
Green Shelf Extender
G1 Green Extender 56

Promotional Material

  • Branded Thematic Shelf Extender strip.
  • Shelf Extender strips will be produced and distributed by the LCBO.

Supplier Material (Optional)

Follow this link to the Supplier Material Specifications Page.

Applications Guidelines

Note: The Discovery Shelf Extenders application deadlines are the same as the Support Programs dates (to capitalize on new products).

Follow this link for information.

Deadline dates

Follow this link to the deadline dates page.

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