Display Programs

The LCBO programs continue to evolve to anticipate consumer demand while advocating social responsibility. With high standards for multi-channel integration, in store experience and consistent on-time implementation, they continue to offer an ever wider range of options for LCBO suppliers.

All LCBO programs rotate with every Promotional Turn and include newspaper or radio advertising, in-store signage, customer publications, special events, tasting events, media relations and the Internet.

The programs are divided into 3 categories:

  • Display Programs feature selected products in specific store locations.
  • The Support Program complement the Display Programs, offering either value or knowledge to our customers.
  • The Experience Programs develop the customers' knowledge by offering educational opportunities, tasting, classes and sampling.

Display Program Requirements

The following Charts outlines the additional program support that must complement a Display Program.

Support Programs

  Deal of the Month Display Pod Displays End Aisle Displays Solution End Aisle Displays Shelf Extenders Community Shelf Extenders Mini Thematic
Bonus AIR MILES® -
Limited Time Offers - -
Value Adds -
Necktag -
Contest -

Experience Programs

  Deal of the Month Display Pod Displays End Aisle Displays Solution End Aisle Displays Shelf Extenders Community Shelf Extenders Mini Thematic
Special Events


  Deal of the Month Display Pod Displays End Aisle Displays Solution End Aisle Displays Shelf Extenders Community Shelf Extenders Mini Thematic
Advertising *
** ** -
FOOD & DRINK Magazine


* The LCBO reserves the right to select the products that are consistent with the positioning of the specific newspaper Free Standing Insert. Please see the individual Promotional Turn details in the promotional calendar for requirements.

** For selected displays.

Application Criteria

Promotional opportunities are available to every size of brand: large, medium and small. There is a specific application process for each program.

The criteria by which brands are chosen for each display opportunity is defined below. If spaces are not all filled with the designated brands, then other brands will be eligible within the distribution criteria. The goal of each program is to achieve the highest return and maximum customer interest for each display opportunity.

Program Product
Deal of the Month Display High volume
Pod Displays By invitation only
End Aisle Displays High volume
Solution End Aisle Displays Premium, deluxe or niche product
Mini Thematic Program High, medium and low volume
Shelf Extenders High and medium volume
Community Shelf Extenders High volume

Products must meet the minimum distribution in order to be considered for evaluation. The applications are evaluated based on the following:

  • Product(s) sales, sales trend, sales trend versus category trend, and potential incremental sales.
  • Suppliers commitment to purchase or participate in Support Programs to pique consumer interest and provide maximum return, including Limited Time Offers, Bonus AIR MILES®, Bundled Bonus AIR MILES®, Value Adds, Tastings, Special Events, Necktags, Contests, Charitable Donation, FOOD & DRINK Advertising, LCBO Advertising, External Complementary Programs, etc.

Application Deadlines

Follow this link to the chart that outlines the application deadlines of all Promotional Turns for the LCBO's upcoming fiscal year.

Note: Suppliers invited to participate in the Pod Displays program will be notified of the invitation for the specific Promotional Turn their product will be featured in by the Stand Alone Programs application date of that turn.

Installation dates

The reporting weeks for each Promotional Turn is Sunday through Saturday, however the changeover is complemented by the first Wednesday of each Promotional Turn for a duration of 4 weeks (except in the case of Period 9 and Period 10, which are 3 and 5 week turns respectively).

Takedown and set-up of displays occurs on the first Monday and Tuesday of each Promotional Turn.

All displays remain in place until the close of business on the last Sunday of the Promotional Turn.

How to Participate:

Review the list of LCBO Promotional themes and select a promotion that is appropriate for the product(s) you wish to feature. Only apply for Promotional Turn display opportunities specific to your product(s).

Applications not meeting the LCBO specific selection criteria will not be processed.

Some Support Programs outlined on this site can be purchased separately. (Limited Time Offers, Value Add, AIR MILES®, Tastings, etc.)

Complete the Application using the Merchandising Promotions Tracking System by the date required.

For further assistance or additional information, please contact the applicable Category Administrator:

Spirits: (416) 365-5893
Ready to Drink: (416) 864-6971
European Wines: (416) 365-5874
New World Wines: (416) 365-5896
Beer: (416) 864-2425
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