Tasting Programs

Tasting Program Overview

Research indicates that in-store sampling directly influences customers buying decisions. The LCBO Tasting Program has become one of the key elements in promoting brands in our stores as it acts to incent trial and allows customers to ‘try before they buy’ which can sometimes be a barrier to purchase. Through this program you can capture customer interest and increase sales potential especially when coupled with key display and promotional programs or new product launches.
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Trade Tasting Program Details
In addition to the more than 380 participating stores in the regular Tasting program, year-round tasting opportunities are also available in "Seasonal" Stores. For a complete listing of participating and seasonal stores please refer to the LCBO In-store Tasting Requirements.

NEW! Tastings are now conducted 7 days a week, every period with the exception of a few key weeks in Period 10 (December) where customer traffic and increased product displays impedes the ability to effectively execute impactful and successful tasting opportunities.

NEW! LCBO Staff Conducted Demonstrator Option
You can now select an LCBO Taster to facilitate your in-store tasting! Our knowledgeable and Smart served trained Tasters are available in our 380+ participating tasting bar stores. Our Tasters will research and prepare for the tasting based on your provided specifications and will source the food pairing and cocktail items suggested as well as any required glasses and napkins. At the conclusion of the sales period, you will receive a report with key metrics such as conversion rate and bottles sold.

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Product Information Sheet
LCBO Tasters assigned to conducting your in-store tasting will be fully trained and prepared for your event. Please complete and submit a ‘Product Information Sheet’ which will communicate your desired product tasting specifications to ensure consistency throughout your promotion. SKU specific ‘Product Information Sheets’ will be available to all LCBO Tasters through an internal portal page. As this is a new service, we will be monitoring and periodically updating/improving this process as required. Please check this site regularly for any future updates to this program. 

New FAQs
New Product Information Sheet
New Product Information Sheet Instructions

Enhanced Trade Tasting Options
The LCBO has experienced significant increases in customer engagement and purchase conversion by offering enhanced tasting experiences that include components such as an eye-catching tasting bar set up, enticing food match, and compelling greeter. We are encouraging our trade partners to maximize the opportunity the LCBO’s in-store tasting program provides to engage with customers one-on-one by enhancing the customer offering in keeping with the following guidelines.

New Enhanced Tasting guidelines

VINTAGES Tasting Program

The VINTAGES tasting program gives you the chance to interact one-on-one with customers during VINTAGES Retail Release Saturdays, some of our highest traffic days. If you wish to apply, then log on to the In-Store Tasting Program Website, select VINTAGES as the type of tasting, and then key-in the required info. It takes little effort and there is a lot to gain!

Program Details

VINTAGES tastings will only take place on the weekend (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) of the VINTAGES products scheduled release date, which must be specified on the application. The participating stores will populate the store drop down list when a VINTAGES tasting is specified in the application. For a list of participating stores you may contact the In-store Tasting Program Administrator.

Mandatory Demonstrator Training Requirements

All persons conducting Tastings must have Smart Serve certification. Information about Smart Serve is available at:

All persons conducting Tastings must have 'Serve-Ability: Transforming Ontario's Customer' training. Information about Serve-Ability training can be found at

Maximum Serving Sizes
(Based on alcohol content by volume)

Percentage of Alcohol

Maximum Serving Size

15.9% or less

1 ounce (28.4 mL)

16% to 22.9%

1/2 ounce (14.2 mL)

23% or greater

1/4 ounce (7.1 mL)


Applications are now submitted online through the In-Store Experience Programs System (IEPS portal). To get access to this portal please submit an online application for a user I.D. and access code at For full instructions on how to use the online system please refer to the In-store Tasting Requirements. If you have any questions regarding the above please contact the In-store Tasting Program Administrator.

Deadline Dates

Applications are due 8 weeks prior to the start of the period that the tasting will occur. For your convenience a listing of actual deadline dates are maintained on the message board of the IEPS portal.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact: In-Store Tasting Administrator (416) 864-6758 or

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