Shelf Talkers - New Low Price

This program gives suppliers/agents the opportunity to communicate to customers a price reduction on the regular retail price of a product. It is not for LTO’s.


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Program Details

  • Trade partners may utilize the ‘Shelf Talker – New Low Price’ program to communicate a decrease in a product’s regular price point to customers. The price decrease must be for a significant duration (at least 5 months).
  • Submissions must be made at least 10 weeks in advance of activation and approvals are at the discretion of the applicable Category Team. All copy must be submitted for review/approval in advance. Copy such as “NEW LOW PRICE” or “WAS $X, NOW $Y” comparisons are permitted. Promotional copy cannot indicate a ‘SAVE’ message, as the change in price is not temporary.
  • Shelf Talker programs dedicated to this messaging are permitted for 1 period only and cannot be used for consecutive periods.
  • Stores that carry the product will display the shelf talker on-shelf for the entire Promotional Turn. Store Managers are not required to bring in the products if they do not regularly list them. Limited Time Offer, Air Miles® , and Bundled Bonus Air Miles® are not available with this program.

Information Required

Agents will be asked to provide “WAS $X, NOW $Y” details to the respective category administrator at the time of application. These details will be inputted into the Shelf Talker details tab by the Category Administrator and shared with Marketing for signage production.

P.O.P. Specifications and Shipping

The LCBO will produce and ship the shelf talker to all Flagship, Full Service and IMAGE stores.


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Deadline Dates

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