In-Store Contests

The contest program offers suppliers the opportunity to promote their contest in the LCBO stores in several ways:

  • As part of the Display Program on an end aisle display or shelf extender
  • Stand-alone on-shelf
  • In-section Value add/On-pack
  • In-section Neck Tag

Contests are limited to customer mail in, online, 'text to win' contests. The LCBO does not offer the opportunity to collect ballots through ballot boxes in stores.

Supplier contests supporting Display Programs are permitted during all Promotional Turns if they tie into the promotional theme. A maximum of three contests per category will be approved each Promotional Turn.

Approval is required for each contest from the Category Manager.

Suppliers are responsible for the production of all contest ballots.


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Participating Stores

Option #1 All stores (Mini stores and VINTAGES stores).

Option #2 IMAGE Rollout, Flagship and Full Service stores only.

Suppliers must indicate which of the 2 store groups are to feature the contest.

Program Details

End Aisle / Shelf Extender Contests

  • Contest ballots are displayed on the end aisle in a brochure holder, and must comply with production and shipping timelines outlined in this section.
  • The customer is responsible for mailing their entry to the address listed on the ballot, or enter online.
  • Stores are not responsible for forwarding ballots.
  • No ballot boxes are permitted in LCBO stores.
  • Contests on End Aisle Displays must tie into the promotional theme.

Stand-alone / on-shelf Contests

  • Contest ballots are displayed on-shelf in a brochure holder.
  • Customers are responsible for mailing their entry to the address listed on the ballot. Stores are not responsible for forwarding ballots.

Value-add / on-pack Contests

  • The prize is indicated within the product packaging (i.e. scratch and win on product label, under bottle cap, on a necktag etc.).
  • Suppliers should identify their contest on product packaging if the ballot or scratch-and-win is inside.
  • Suppliers must provide a Mother Carton number on their application when contests are featured under a bottle cap.

Neck Tag Contests

Contest Details Required

The Marketing & Product Guide lists detailed contest information to ensure contests are properly executed and successful. It is important that all pertinent information is provided when an LCBO Merchandising Application Form is completed. Please provide the following information:

  • Promotional Turn
  • Contest start date and close date
  • Draw date
  • Participating stores
  • Number of prizes
  • Detailed description of prize(s) including the approximate retail value
  • List of P.O.P. components (i.e. ballots)
  • Indicate if additional ballots are available
  • Company contact name and telephone number
  • Mail-in address for ballots (Customer Mail-in contests)
  • Contest rules and regulations

Contest Rules

  • A final copy of the contest rules must be submitted to the relevant Category Administrator at the same time as detailed information is due for that Promotional Turn for review prior to going to print.
  • Suppliers are responsible for obtaining AGCO approval for all contests taking place in LCBO stores. If approval by AGCO and LCBO Legal Department is not obtained prior to that Promotional Turn start date, the contest will be cancelled.


Follow this link for specifications.


Follow this link for information.

  • Final contest details must receive approval from the LCBO via Sales & Marketing Division.
  • Contests must also receive approval from the AGCO.
  • Only approved contest materials are permitted to be displayed in any LCBO retail store.

Deadline Dates

  • All approved contest details must be submitted to the appropriate Category six months prior to the scheduled Promotional Turn.
  • Notification of AGCO approval must be submitted 10 weeks prior to the start of the contest in order to obtain LCBO Legal Department approval.
  • Follow this link to the deadline dates page.
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