New Bin Tags

Staff and customers will see these changes on newly designed bin tags in LCBO stores.

These tags will now display country/ region and grape varieties in addition to the new the wine style.  The new sweetness descriptors will appear in parenthesis in the form of one or two letters, plus the actual sugar content specified in grams per liter.

The one or two letters descriptor signify the sweetness – a taste perception that can be attributed to the ratio between the residual sugar and acidity level of a wine.


  • A wine with 8 g/L residual sugar and 5 g/L total acidity would be considered Dry
  • The same wine with 8 g/L residual sugar and 7 g/L total acidity would be considered Extra Dry
An example of the new bing tag is shown below:

Bin Tag

Wine styles will help customers discover new products that have a similar taste profile to match their individual preference.

Sweetness descriptors will enable customers to know how much residual sugar is in a wine and provide them with more helpful information that describes how dry or sweet the wine will taste.

Combined, these two initiatives will enhance the shopping experience for our customers and make shopping for wine easier.

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