Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Procure to Pay (P2P)?
  1. P2P is an automated end to end process that starts with the procurement of goods and services (not for resale), and ends with payment to the supplier within the LCBO accounting system.

    Supplier invoice numbers will no longer be referenced on payment, rather a system generated number beginning with "ERS" will be referenced. You can confirm the purchase order being paid by logging into iSupplier.

  1. What is iSupplier?
  1. iSupplier is a self-service application that allows suppliers to see all their accounts payable transactions in real-time. More information on how to sign up can be found in the iSupplier section on this webpage.

  1. If invoice numbers are no longer referenced, do I still need to send invoices to the LCBO?
  1. The LCBO expects that suppliers will continue to send their invoices to the end user. This invoice will be useful to the end user for future reference or to assist with their receival process.

  1. When will payment be issued?
  1. Payment to a supplier is issued according to the payment terms on the Purchase Order. You can generally calculate the due date of the transaction by adding the payment terms to the receival date. This information can also be found in iSupplier.

    For example:
    Receival date of September 1 with payment terms of Net 30 days = payment is due October 1.

  1. Who do I contact if the receival date does not correctly reflect the date that goods were shipped or services completed?
  1. Contact the requestor to report the discrepancy. If required, action will be taken accordingly.

  1. Payment is not what I expected. Who do I contact?
  1. Payment is a direct reflection of the purchase order issued during the requisition stage and should be reviewed first. If there is still a discrepancy between the purchase order and payment received, contact the requestor of the good/service.

  1. How is payment determined?
  1. Payment will be calculated as such:

    For goods: Quantity received x unit price + tax if applicable + any other charges as noted on the purchase order

    For services: Value of service received + tax if applicable + any other charges as noted on the purchase order

    It is imperative to provide goods/services only if a purchase order is received. If a change to the original purchase is required, a change order must be received from the LCBO Procurement department to ensure payment can be made for the change. If this process is not followed, payment cannot be made for this additional amount.

    In order for HST to be paid on an invoice, the HST registration number must be on file in the LCBO accounting system.

For further detailed iSupplier FAQs, please click on iSupplier FAQs.pdf

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