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The LCBO is one of the world's largest purchasers of beverage alcohol. Producers have significant opportunities to develop brand awareness and build strong businesses.

As an LCBO supplier, you may have access to:

  • A network of five regional warehouses that supply.
  • 601 retail stores that sell.
  • 4,200 quality wines, spirits, beers and coolers.
  • Over 3,000 new VINTAGES products released each year.

The company is organized into three business units for domestic and imported products:

  • Wines.
  • Spirits and Beer.

The LCBO is an agency of the Province of Ontario, and reports to the Minister of Finance. It exists to provide Ontario consumers with excellent product selection and service, and to be a leader in promoting responsible use of beverage alcohol.


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Private Ordering

Private Ordering: There may be products that customers or licencees want that we don't carry. These products can be ordered through the LCBO by contacting our Private Ordering Department. Download the Private Ordering Guidelines and the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Consignment: Agents wishing to introduce licensees to products that the LCBO doesn't yet sell may be able to do so through our Consignment Program.

This program helps participating agents purchase a limited quantity of product acquired on consignment terms at the LCBO's warehouse in Toronto while they develop or test the market for niche or new brands.

For more information on either Private Ordering or Consignment, call the LCBO - see the Contacts section of this website.

The Ontario Beverage Alcohol Marketplace

You may have other options to selling beverage alcohol in Ontario. But by selling through the LCBO, there are three key benefits:

  • We have an established market and Ontario-wide distribution systems.
  • We have well-established procedures in place, and every product is evaluated based on merit to our market.
  • Because of the business that we are, our trade relationships are reliable.

Selling through the LCBO is cost-effective, and a significant opportunity to build brands and business.

LCBO Annual Report

  • For a review of the LCBO's achievements, click here.
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