Appointment Bookings

How do I book an appointment?

A new online appointment scheduling portal is available at 

Note: Enter “Value Add” as the PO number

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Do all deliveries require appointments to be booked in Opendock? 

Yes. Drivers will not be permitted to enter the yard without an Appointment Confirmation Number. You have to book one appointment for each vehicle entering the yard. 

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Can I book a same-day or next day appointment? 

There are no same day appointments.  

For next day appointments, make your booking in Opendock by 2 PM within the timeslots available at that time. If you log on after 2 PM, there will be no available options for a next day appointment.  

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Can I select my own appointment time?  

Yes. You can select from the available time slots at the time of booking. Unavailable time slots will not appear on Opendock. 

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Can I cancel or change my appointment?  

Yes. If you must cancel or change your appointment, please do so at least 2 hours before the appointment. Review the Opendock instructions on how to change or cancel an appointment. 

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Where can I find the Confirmation Number and Appointment Time that is required to enter the yard?

Once you book your appointment in Opendock you will receive an email with your Appointment Confirmation Number and Appointment Time. You must provide this to Trillium Security for entry into the yard.  

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If I have a scheduled appointment and Trillium can’t meet the commitment (e.g. snow clearing issues) will I be notified?  

Yes. If Trillium experiences a significant event preventing the building from operating properly, you will receive a cancellation email for all your affected appointments. 

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Deliveries to Trillium

What do I need to have with me to enter the yard?

You will need to provide the following to enter the yard:

  • *Valid, government-issued photo identification
  • *Appointment Confirmation Number and Appointment Time (Once you book your appointment in Opendock, you will receive an email with your Appointment Confirmation Number and Appointment Time)
  • *Delivery paperwork (BOL/Packing Slip) – must be complete, accurate and legible 

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What if I arrive early or late? 

You can enter the yard up to 30 minutes early or not more than 15 minutes late.

In emergencies and you are running late, contact Trillium Shipping and Receiving: 

Cristina Roa at 289-824-4321 or
Nataly Sookdeo at 289-824-4327 or

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Can I use a small vehicle to deliver the order? 

Yes. All vehicle sizes/types can be accommodated

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What details are required on the delivery paperwork? 

Delivery paperwork should include the Value Add Item Numbers for each item being delivered.  The LCBO E-commerce Inventory Manager will provide the Value Add Item Numbers.

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What are the timelines for Value Add deliveries to Trillium? 

All value adds for the kit must be delivered to Trillium at least 4 weeks prior to start of the period of the kit’s release. Note that lead times for the Value Adds may vary as they are dependent on the complexity and quantities of the kit. Exact timelines will be provided by the LCBO E-commerce Inventory Manager. Failure to deliver a value add within the timelines provided will impact the release timing of the kit.

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What if I don't have all the inventory? 

It is important to ship exactly what was ordered. If you are short of inventory, you can batch the deliveries to ship what is available, then book another appointment for the remaining stock. Please ensure you advise the LCBO E-commerce Inventory Manager immediately. 

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Are there any changes to the value add returns process? 

Yes. You will need to pick up the value add being returned from Trillium. An Outbound appointment will be required in Opendock to pick up the value add. 

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What are the packaging and labeling standards for Trillium?     

Vendors must comply with the LCBO packaging and labelling standard posted here. Case markings must match the active Purchase Order and item number.

Ecommerce Kits are shipped in the following standard box sizes. If a value add item will not fit in any of these boxes, please consult with your LCBO Category Manager for more information.   

How do I deliver Gift Cards to Trillium?  

Gift cards must be delivered to Trillium’s Main Office, addressed:

  • Attention: David Braun 
  • Trillium Supply Chain 
  • 205 Speirs Giffen Ave
  • Caledon, ON L7C 3Y7

Gift card deliveries DO NOT require an appointment. DO NOT deliver gift cards to the dock doors. If you have Gift Cards and other product, deliver the Gift Cards first to the Main Office, then afterwards deliver the other product to the docks. Note: You must ensure the Gift Card SKU numbers are included on the delivery paperwork (packing slip).

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Customer Service

Who can I contact if I have a problem and need help? 

Trillium staff will provide assistance at the facility.

For opendock questions, contact 

For Value Add delivery/inventory questions, contact LCBO E-commerce Inventory Manager at

For all other inquiries: Continue to work with your LCBO Category Manager

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