How to Obtain a Product & Price Quote

The LCBO will conduct a product availability search based on the detailed information provided by the customer. The appropriate Supplier or Manufacturer’s Representative will be contacted to determine the status of the product’s availability and if available, what is the minimum order requirement and price. This process can take up to six weeks to complete.

Generally, the minimum order requirement is one (1) case, with no mixed selections. Some Suppliers impose a larger minimum order requirement for export orders. A case usually consists of 12 bottles/cans of the same product but can vary from one (1) to 24 bottles/cans.

To obtain a price quote for a particular product, a Customer must complete the LCBO’s Contact Information and Order Forms, available through the LCBO web page link below. The completed forms may be submitted through the HelloLCBO Email Us

Once Specialty Services has concluded the search for the product and has contacted the Supplier or it’s Representative, the Customer will be contacted with the details and information about the remaining steps required in placing an order. 

Specialty Services Ordering will only purchase from “Supplier”.

Supplier generally refers to the manufacturer or producer of a product. This includes the distiller, brewer, wine maker or anyone from whom the LCBO agrees to purchase liquor. The supplier must generally carry out a substantial part of the manufacturing process, and in all cases, must have full legal rights to sell the product.

Once an order is placed, the import process may take up to six months depending on the product's point of origin.

For more details please review the Speciality Services Information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost and mark-up for privately ordered products?

Typically the final cost per bottle of the product will be approximately three to four times higher than the retail price in the country of origin after application of exchange rates, LCBO mark up, freight, taxes and duty.

How long will it take?

Ontarians can leverage the LCBO global logistics network to obtain products from anywhere in the world pending supplier willingness to ship. International products typically arrive within eight weeks and Canadian products within 15 days. In rare circumstances it may take longer for an order to arrive depending on source location, product availability and supplier readiness.

Is there a deposit? How much?

The LCBO will require a minimum deposit of 25% of the estimated retail value of the order. The LCBO reserves the right to change the deposit requirements from time to time, and request a larger deposit amount at the LCBO’s discretion in some instances based on the dollar value of the order.

Is there a minimum case order?

The LCBO has a minimum order requirement of one case. There will, however, be instances where a supplier may require a higher minimum case order. Please be aware the LCBO has no control over a supplier’s minimum order requirements.

What is the cost of Freight?

Freight rates within Canada can be lower than International freight rates understanding the impact of a number of variables including, but not limited to: distance, order quantity, shipping terms and mode of transportation.

Please note that actual freight charges will depend upon market conditions and foreign exchange rates in effect at the time an order is placed.

What is the LCBO's procedure for obtaining quotations?

The LCBO will contact the supplier or their local sales representative to request pricing and minimum order quantities. We will make three attempts over a six-week period to obtain this information.

Upon receiving a response from the supplier we will advise you of pricing and importing costs for the items. Based on this information, you then decide whether or not you wish to place an order.

If we do not receive a response from the supplier or its sales representative during the six-week period, the file will be closed and you will be notified that the product is not available.


Additional Information

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing ensures that the products tested meet or exceed federal standards. There is a fee per product to conduct this test. For spirits based products the lab fee is $200.00 CDN plus applicable taxes per product. For wine and beer based products the lab fee is $225.00 CDN plus applicable taxes per product. Where small quantities are being purchased by individuals for personal consumption, laboratory testing may be waived.

For more information regarding Quality Assurance and lab testing please visit QA page.

Reliability of Information

All information found on this site (including cost estimates, shipping times and freight costs) is for reference only. This information is based upon estimates and recent examples of typical transactions; however, it is not intended as a description of the terms that will apply to any particular future order. Actual costs and delivery times will be affected by market conditions in effect at the time of your order. Market conditions can be affected by many variable factors including changes in product availability, supplier prices, foreign exchange rates, shipping market conditions and government regulations.