e-Commerce Program Components: Feature Page

eCommerce Feature Page

How It Works

We are pleased to extend our online programming opportunities by providing Trade partners prominent placement on lcbo.com.

This opportunity will allow Trade Partners to showcase their product and brand in an LCBO-endorsed collection that will:

  • - Create a direct touchpoint for your product on lcbo.com for a full promotional period;
  • - Showcase products in a dedicated and curated environment on lcbo.com;
  • - Drive customer engagement through brand-specific content on lcbo.com.


This opportunity is available on a Periodic basis as of P5.

What’s Included

  • - A templated Feature Page for your Products/Brand
  • - This page will live for one promotional period
  • - These Feature Pages will have an Image Box on the lcbo.com Homepage, and Feature Placement on Category Landing Page
  • - Promotion in Social Media and CRM is contingent on participation in a Virtual Experience


LCBO will consider several factors when reviewing online feature page proposals:

  • - Size of brand/category and potential sales volume.
  • - Brand (or Association) must have a range of products.
  • - Consumer benefit: education, solution, engagement, value.
  • - Compelling brand (or Association) story, and/or new line extension, external campaign in market, etc.
  • - LCBO benefit: sales, up-sell potential, relevancy.
  • - Alignment with LCBO seasonal themes, promotions and key consumer occasions.

Note that any scheduling of Social and CRM supports will be determined by LCBO and will be dependent on inventory availability.


Introductory Pricing Information


Note: This is a standalone opportunity available to one brand/supplier per Period.


Feature Page

Feature Page
  • 1. Product Introduction
  • - Written by LCBO.
  • - Hero image (may be supplied by the participating sponsor brand).


  • 2. Collection
  • - Up to 12 additional SKUs from brand family (must be unique SKUs rather than different formats of the same product)
  • - Collection grid will feature product image, brief description and BUY NOW button linking to PIP (Product Information Page)


  • 3. Product Results Page
  • - Link to a list of selected products


  • 4. Optional: Brand Video
  • - To be supplied by participating sponsor brand where available
  • - Must be AODA compliant and available in English and French
  • - Maximum length: 30 sec.


  • 5. Related Content
  • - Three cocktail recipes, food pairings or gift suggestions 
  • NOTE: Cocktail and food pairing/recipes and image assets will be provided by LCBO from existing LCBO assets. Alternate option, at LCBO discretion, is using simple cocktails recipes (NO food recipes) from participating sponsor brands. Must be vetted and approved by LCBO.



Where It's Located Online

  • HOMEPAGE: Image Box of the Feature Page
  • Weekly Traffic: 846,546
Feature Page Home Page Location


Document Downloads

This is a Phase 1 (Excel Applied) Promotional Program. 

To apply, download the Application Form posted on the Promotional Calendar page, complete and return to your Category Partner by the noted deadline. 

Sell Sheet - eCommerce Feature Page

Click the link for the Feature Page Sell Sheet