Omni-Commerce Program Components:  Entrance Table / Cocktail of the Month

Entrance Table


The Entrance Table is a square or round table situated near the front of the store.

This table is the home of the Cocktail of the Month program, highlighting Food & Drink featured cocktails of the season. This program will turn every promotional period.

Preference will be given to products that offer value ads that complete the featured cocktail solution. LCBO is seeking brand and multi-brand opportunities to represent the LCBO-chosen cocktail of the month for each period; see product focus information below

This is an Excel Applied Promotional Program. Please apply by completing the Excel Application Form before the deadline.



Engagement: 161 Stores total (88 Square Tables, 72 Round Tables, 1 Celebration Fixture).

NOTE: If this display is flighted; Premium Stores: 94/Standard Stores: 67

Requirements: 2-4 SKUs including Value-Adds.


Engagement: 6K tastings

Requirements: 36-48 units per tasting

Details: 30 employeeled tastings at 10 store locations

LCBO.COM COMPONENT Program Page with Cocktail Video and Collection Grid



Note: In all instances of flighting, the Program Page will be shared between participating brands on Flights.

Food & Drink Placement: An additional component available at a discounted rate (30%) ; please contact Beaches Media Services for details.


Pricing Information

This Package, inclusive of all opportunities and non-negotiable, is available at the following rates per period as of P5.

Total (Unflighted)

  • $45,000 (Period 1-13)
  • $55,000 (Period 10)
  • $39,000 (Period 11)

Premium Flight

  • $26,000 (Period 1-13)
  • $32,000 (Period 10)
  • $23,000 (Period 11)

Standard Flight

  • $19,000 (Period 1-13)
  • $23,000 (Period 10)
  • $16,000 (Period 11)

Product Focus

  • P1: Gin
  • P2: Tequila
  • P3: Canadian Whisky 
  • P4: Vodka
  • P5: Rum
  • P6: Brandy/Cognac
  • P7: Farmer’s Market Mimosa


  • P8: Whisky Spritz
  • P9: Rum Cinnamon Cardamom Coquito
  • P10: Macchiato Martini
  • P11: Green Mary/Verde Mary
  • P12: Brandy Cognac – French Connection!  French brandy + Amaretto
  • P13: Whisky base (cocktail TBC)


Omni-Commerce Components


How It Works

We are pleased to extend our online programming opportunities by amplifying in-store programming with prominent placement on

This offer is now an additional automatic, non-optional component to the Cocktail of the Month (Entrance Table), featuring enhanced messaging and communication under the story umbrella of the Cocktail Solution.

This opportunity will allow Trade Partners to showcase their product and brand in an LCBO endorsed collection that will:

  • - Create a direct touchpoint for your product on for a full promotional period;
  • - Showcase products in a dedicated and curated environment on;
  • - Drive customer engagement through brand-specific content on


What’s Included

  • - Program Page for the Cocktail of the Month on
  • - Image Box on Category Landing Page drives to Program Page
  • - Cocktail of the Month video driving to online Feature/Program Page and LCBO Connect (staff training).


LCBO will consider several factors when reviewing online feature page proposals:

  • - Size of brand/category and potential sales volume.
  • - Brand (or Association) must have a range of products.
  • - Consumer benefit: education, solution, engagement, value.
  • - Compelling brand (or Association) story, and/or new line extension, external campaign in market, etc.
  • - LCBO benefit: sales, up-sell potential, relevancy.
  • - Alignment with LCBO seasonal themes, promotions and key consumer occasions.



Cocktail of the Month Program Page

Cocktail of the Month Program Page
  • 1. Cocktail Video produced by LCBO with Cocktail recipe developed by LCBO and Food & Drink.


  • 2. Collection grid will feature products participating in the Cocktail of the Month Program, product image, brief description and BUY NOW button linking to PIP (product information page)
  • Optional: Suppliers approved for the Cocktail of the Month are encouraged to offer a curated box for customers. If one is offered, it will also be featured on this page.





Note: All New Products Promotional Activity will be predicated on LCBO inventory forecast, distribution confirmation and set arrival schedule.

Note: Creative for Brand Feature page will be at the discretion of LCBO Marketing.


Where Its Located

Feature Placement on Category Landing Page

(Clicks through to COTM Program Page)

Cocktail of the Month Program Page


Document Downloads

This is a Phase 1 (Excel Applied) Promotional Program. 

To apply, download the Application Form posted on the Promotional Calendar page, complete and return to your Category Partner by the noted deadline. 

Click here for the Participating Store List. 

Sell Sheet - Entrance Table Omni-Commerce Program

Click the link for the Entrance Table Sell Sheet

Entrance Table Merchandiser Guidelines

Click the link for value-add merchandiser guidelines.