In-Store Program Components: Spirited Picks

Spirited Picks

The Spirited Pick program highlights small format spirits with a solution-oriented focus at the highest area of impulse in our stores. Simple mix/cocktail solutions are featured for participating products, alongside supporting incentive programs to drive trial and discovery of spirits products.

Three checkouts at our new 217 Flagship store have a digital landscape screen (35” 4K resolution) that can display scheduled video or animated content, with synchronized optimized playlist lengths to ensure maximum exposure to viewers and passersby for impulse purchase opportunities. This promotional program includes participation on these digital screens with one digital playlist spot, approx. 10 seconds in length that will be played for the duration of the promotional period.

Preference will be given to small format spirits that hold the promotional placement over two periods.

This is a Phase 2 (MPTS Applied) Promotional Program. Please apply through MPTS directly before the Phase 2 deadline.


Top Shelf of FEM at Cash #1 

MPTS Code: CE1

Engagement: 233 Stores 

Requirement: 2 SKUs

Product Focus: Small Format Spirits

Details: All stores with minimum two full sized FEM to receive the Spirited Picks program on the fixture closest to the entrance.

Qty purchased relates to LCBO sales forecast.

Pricing Information

This Package, inclusive of all opportunities and non-negotiable, is available at the following rate:

  • $60 /per store / period (Period 1-9, 12-13)
  • $75 /per store / period (Period 10)
  • $50 /per store / period (Period 11)



Document Downloads

This is a Phase 2 (MPTS Applied) Promotional Program.

Please apply through MPTS directly before the Phase 2 deadline.

Click here for the Participating Store List.

Spirited Picks Program Sell Sheet

Click the link for the Spirited Picks Sell Sheet