New Product Shelf Talkers

This program highlights and promotes the new products at the LCBO. Each new product is featured with a pre-printed shelf talker that communicates product information/tasting notes to our customers. This program is part of the new product purchase process.



$700.00 per product. This is a mandatory one-time fee.

The Merchandising Division will issue invoices for New Product shelf talkers after the listing process is complete.


Program Details

The LCBO will produce pre-printed shelf talkers that include product information/tasting notes for all new products (some restrictions apply). Stores that list the product will display the shelf talker for two entire Promotional Turns. Stores are not required to bring in all new products. The introduction of a new size does not warrant a New Product shelf talker.


Program Dates

New Product shelf talkers will remain in place for two Promotional Turns. If a product is introduced to stores mid-turn, the New Product shelf talker will be issued for the following turn.


Information Required

Suppliers may be asked to provide product information/ tasting notes for the shelf talkers in 25 words or less. All product information is to be submitted to the appropriate Category Manager along with any other documentation requested at the time of purchase. LCBO reserves the right to choose/edit copy to ensure it is consistent with LCBO standards.


P.O.P. Specifications and Shipping

The LCBO will produce and ship New Product shelf talkers to all stores.



Suppliers are not required to apply for the program; the program is mandatory for all new products.