The Value Add Program offers customers something extra when they purchase a featured product in LCBO stores. This program is well received and generates a great deal of excitement with both customers and store employees.



$700.00 participation fee per Rep applied value add per Promotional Turn (flat rate). The supplier is responsible for providing the Value Add or "give-away" items. Participants will also absorb the costs of added duties, freight and excise taxes in order to maintain the regular price of a product during the Promotional Turn.

Plant-Applied Value Add programs:

-    Cases with 6 or less bottles will be charged $3.75

-    Cases with 7 or more bottles will be charged $7.50 

Terms and Conditions 

LCBO Value Add Terms and Conditions


Suppliers are responsible for the production of Value Add items. Value Add items must not interfere with any adjacent products (i.e. oversized). There are no size specifications for non beverage alcohol Value Add items. The applicable Category Manager must approve all Value Added items. Value Added items may be applied to the product by the supplier prior to shipping or by sales representatives in store.


Wording on P.O.P.

Product labeling and signage for Value Add items highlighting the giveaway must read, “Free with Purchase. “ It is not acceptable to use the word “Free” by itself.



Follow this link for information.Value Added items must be defined on the application, "To Be Determined (TBD)" will not be accepted.