With the LCBO’s sales objectives and strategic initiatives in mind, we have prepared the annual sales targets for F21-22 for regularly listed products sold in our retail stores.

Key changes this year:

  1. To account for inflated sales due to the pandemic during the F20-21 fiscal year, we have blended sales over the past two fiscal years to establish sales target thresholds.
  2. Import Wines targets have been streamlined and assigned to the set level with some categorization between varietal/style groupings dependent on the category. Previously, import Wines targets were assigned to each individual sub-set and where then further classified by price bands within each sub-set. 
  3. IDB Wines have been streamlined to the set level and by size format. Previously, IDB wines were measured at the sub-set level by size format.
  4. Import Vintages Essentials targets remain at the set level. A minimum target of $400K and maximum target of $1M has been established for all sets (exception: California Red is set to a maximum of $1.5M)
  5. All targets are based on protecting between 90% and 95% of set margin dollars depending on the category/set. 


As you know, to ensure that your product(s) remain in good standing at the LCBO, these targets must be met or exceeded. Products will begin to be assessed against these updated targets beginning May 2021. Targets by merchandising group are attached.

Questions regarding targets may be directed to the applicable Category Manager.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership during this unprecedented year. 

  • Abhay Garg
  • Vice President, Merchandising, LCBO
F21-22 LCBO Sales Targets - All Business Units