The past few weeks have drastically changed our lives as well as our business. As COVID-19 has evolved, we have had to adapt quickly to ensure our employees are supported and connected. Equally important is to provide that same support and connection for our valued trade partners, and LCBO teams have been working hard to determine the best way to make sure we are providing timely updates to you.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new communication channel exclusively for our trade partners. LCBO Trade COVID-19 Updates has been created as a temporary information hub that will include the latest updates from the business, new policies and procedures that apply to the trade, information on how we’re responding to COVID-19, and up-to-date FAQs. Our intention is to update this website as frequently as possible. While we will send out a regular e-mail when new content is added, we also encourage partners to check back on a regular basis.

This new channel is the latest in a long list of measures implemented over the past month. We have worked hard to introduce significant protective measures and compassionate support options quickly and we wanted to acknowledge these efforts through this video.

Thanks to you – our industry partners – for your commitment to supporting our new measures as they pertain to the way we do business together. Whether it’s been avoiding unnecessary visits to stores, respecting our new policies regarding sample drop offs, or just offering any and every opportunity and idea to help us navigate this uncertain time, you have been respectful, collaborative and considerate, and it is so appreciated by us.

We know many have you have reached out to me and other members of LCBO leadership. On behalf of George and all leaders, thank you for your messages and we assure you that we hear you – every comment, concern, compliment – and we are listening. Your feedback is helping guide our decisions, so please continue to share and we will continue to take every consideration seriously and implement support as necessary.

Though an uncertain time, this is a period in time – temporary. What is not temporary, is our commitment to keeping our employees safe and supporting our partners. Thank you for all that you are doing to help us continue to look out for each other, our employees and our customers and for your understanding and patience as we navigate this truly unprecedented time. We will continue to make decisions with your best interests top of mind.

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or are simply looking forward to a bit of a break, we hope you enjoy the coming long-weekend. Time with family and friends may look different right now but is no less important.

Thank you and be well.