As we enter the holiday season and retail traffic increases significantly, the safety of our employees, customers and trade partners is a top priority. As such, we’d like to share a reminder to our valued trade partners that COVID-19 protocols must be followed while visiting our stores:

A & B stores: A maximum of 4 representatives are allowed inside a store at a time (one rep per company).

C & D stores: Only one representative is allowed inside a store at a time.

  1. Trade must complete the health screening before entering the store (can answer the health screening questions or show the green checkmark that screening is passed with the current date).
  2. To ensure we have proper contact tracing, Trade must sign the visitor log.
  3. Trade does not have to call the store before entering.
  4. Reps can visit the store any day of the week Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. Should trade wish to enter the store to affix value add prior to store opening, a request in writing must be sent to the store manager.
  5. Trade may continue to book 10-minute meetings directly with store managers; meetings are at the discretion of store managers and as time allows.
  6. All conversations must take place on the sales floor.
  7. We appreciate the thoughts, however, Trade is not to bring any consumable items (i.e. food or drink of any nature) to LCBO employees.
  8. Due to increased store traffic, Inter-Store Transfers (ISTs) are not to be conducted unless requested by an LCBO employee.
  9. Purpose of visits includes meeting with the store manager (if time has been booked), checking on value-adds, looking at stock position etc.

Further, please note that the LCBO has a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine and testing policy.

As you visit or perform activities in our stores and offices, it is our expectation that all trade partners entering LCBO workplaces be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless medically exempt, or undertake regular COVID-19 testing. The details of the policy and your responsibilities are outlined in the LCBO COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination and Testing Policy.

We continue to strictly follow all required public health requirements related to health screening, in-store traffic, physical distancing, and face coverings, and will continue to require you to do the same in our workplaces. 

Finally, please be reminded that LCBO employees cannot accept or solicit donations, prizes or other contributions from persons, groups or entities that have dealings with or seek to do business with the LCBO (or with any part of the Ontario government). This applies even if the donation or solicitation occurs in the context of a fundraising campaign for an organization (charitable or otherwise) which the LCBO is associated with or supports. Soliciting or accepting gifts from members of the trade for charitable events/fundraising may be infringing on the Code of Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest Policy.

Thank you for your continued support.

  • Rafik Louli, VP, Retail Operations, LCBO
  • Abhay Garg, VP, Merchandising, LCBO