The LCBO Promotional Fee is collected annually to support general promotional activities for our retail and online channels.

2022-23 Promotional Fee

The LCBO will charge the promotional fee annually in P12/P13 of the current fiscal year. A fee of $400 will be applied to all products except for one-shot (including Vintages releases) and seasonal purchases, holiday gifts, licensee-only products, and combination-store only beers and mix-and-match SKUs. All SKUs with sales below $35,000 in the last 13 promotional periods (on a rolling basis) will also be exempted.

Please note LCBO’s Merchandising Promotional Tracking System (MPTS) defaults the invoicing of the promotional fee to the Supplier. If the Agent needs to receive the promotional fee invoice, the following information must be received by February 10th, 2023 at so our teams can update our records:


Product Description

Direct Invoice to:



XYZ Chardonnay

ABC Agency LTD


For any additional questions, please contact or the appropriate Category or Product Manager.