Staffing Updates
04 Jan 2022
Spirits Staffing Update

We are pleased to announce a change in staffing to the Spirits team effective January 4, 2022....

Staffing Updates
18 Aug 2021
LCBO Leadership Structure Update - John Summers, Chief Retail Officer

Earlier this year, I announced the intention to create a dedicated Retail division, with a leader th...

Staffing Updates
12 Jul 2021
Updates to LCBO’s Wholesale Services Leadership Team

I’m pleased to announce some updates with LCBO’s Supply Chain & Wholesale division which serve to st...

Staffing Updates
08 Jul 2021
Beer, Cider & Ready-to-Drink Staffing Update

Lesley Morgan will be on maternity leave as of July 28th and I’m excited to wish her well....

Staffing Updates
28 Apr 2021
Destination Collection Staffing Update

We are pleased to welcome Julie Hauser back to the team. Effective immediately, Julie has resumed he...

Staffing Updates
11 Apr 2021
New World and Ontario Wines Team Update

I am pleased to announce that Laura Ruffolo will be taking on a new opportunity within the wines tea...

Supply Chain & Wholesale Updates
28 Mar 2021
LCBO Supply Chain & Wholesale Update: Juan Lastra appointed VP, ...

It is with great pleasure that I announce an exciting update to LCBO’s Supply Chain & Wholesale (SC&...

Staffing Updates
25 Feb 2021
New World Wines Staffing Update

Effective February 24, 2021 Vincent Filhol, Product Manager, New World Wines (USA/North America excl...

Staffing Updates
28 Jan 2021
European Wines Staffing Update

I am pleased to announce the following change within the Merchandising team.......

Staffing Updates
26 Jan 2021
LCBO Merchandising Division Update

I am pleased to announce the following changes within the Merchandising team......

Staffing Updates
20 Jan 2021
LCBO Organizational Update

As part of our commitment to keeping our valued Trade partners updated, I would like to share with y...

Staffing Updates
17 Nov 2020
Merchandising Staffing Updates

Spirits We are excited to announce that Jeryca Dillas has been promoted to the White Spirits Catego...

Staffing Updates
16 Nov 2020
LCBO Supply Chain & Wholesale Update

It is with great pleasure that I announce some exciting changes happening within LCBO’s Supply Chain...

Staffing Updates
08 Oct 2020
LCBO Organizational Update – Abhay Garg, VP, Merchandising

I hope that this note finds you well and that you and your families and your colleagues are staying ...

Staffing Updates
29 Sep 2020
Brown Spirits Staffing Update

We are very pleased to welcome Mike Hodgson back to the Spirits team as the Product Manager for Othe...