It is with great pleasure that I announce some exciting changes happening within LCBO’s Supply Chain & Wholesale (SC&W) Division.

As we continue to support an evolving beverage alcohol marketplace, governed by our goal of providing an exceptional customer service experience to all our customers and partners, we have made the decision to bring fulfillment under one leader.

Geoff Allaire has been appointed Vice-president, Distribution & Logistics. A long- tenured LCBO employee, Geoff has a wealth of experience in multiple aspects of our business and is a strong team leader. This a well-deserved next step for Geoff and I know you will join me in congratulating him on this appointment.

Under Geoff’s leadership will be a refocused Distribution & Logistics team made up of subject matter experts in Distribution, Transportation, Engineering & Procurement, and Distribution Services – all on one team. This will enable us to best meet current and future distribution demands, increase efficiencies, and enable more strategic alignment between partnered sections.

Working with Geoff to lead the Distribution & Logistics team are:

• Charles Edison Director, Distribution
• Carlos Valencia, Director, Distribution
• Nick Merendina, Director, Transportation
• George Asimakis, Director, Engineering & Procurement
• Brian McNeil, Director Distribution Services.
• Dennis MacDonald, General Manager, GTA Service Centre

Geoff and his team will be a key partner for our Retail Operations team and our customer network, allowing for partnered and coordinated multi-fulfillment solutions to retail and wholesale requirements. The increased coordination between Transportation and our fulfillment centres, along with a close partnership with the Inventory section, will enhance efficiencies in how product is brought from source, through our distribution network to our various customer channels.

Overall, these changes within our team will strengthen how we serve our customers – today and tomorrow.

Thank you and my best to your teams and families as we continue to work alongside COVID-19.

Nick Nanos
SVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer, LCBO