Maximum Merchandiser Dimensions: 

End Aisle:
• 18’’w x 10’’h (including signage) x 10’’d

Excitement Zone Plinths:
• 18”W x 18”D, 50” H
• NOTE: In cases where 3 products are    participating on the display, the  merchandiser must accommodate one of the products to be merchandised within the display itself, with space allocated for the value-add placed on the top. See example above.

Block Piles:
• 42’’- 58’’h (including signage) x 36’’w x 30’’d

Supplier Produced Displays & Merchandisers:
• Max size: 32"W x 44"L x 72"H
  (including relevant signage)
• The merchandiser creative and
  details on how LCBO product signage
  (i.e. 8" x 7" Pricer Cards) are
  displayed on the merchandiser must
  be submitted at time of application. 

Mandatory Font: Theinhardt
NOTE: LCBO cannot provide the font, it must be licensed to/purchased by the supplier:

For legibility, the font size of text and legal printed on the merchandiser must be a minimum of 12 pt.

Mandatory Colour:
Minimum one of the thematic colours must be included as the primary colour on the display.

Language Requirements:
• Two versions of the display are to be produced – English and Bilingual (for FLS-designated LCBO stores).
• In the bilingual version, all copy must be visible and the same size/prominence in both English and French.

Value-Add Message:
• Preferred message to communicate a VA is “FREE WITH PURCHASE.”
• Value-Add messaging should always be accompanied with a “While Supplies Last” statement.
• “GIFT WITH PURCHASE” is also permitted. • Value-Adds on Supplier Produced Display/Merchandisers should be attached to the product, or a merchandiser should be supplied within the allotted space to hold the Value-Add

All imagery must be in accordance with LCBO Social Responsibility mandates. (i.e., Models must appear a minimum of 25 years of age; no images depicting physical activity, irresponsible consumption, or consumption in public places)


• Copy and a proof of the merchandiser must be sent to the Marketing Coordinator for review a minimum of 8 weeks before the start of the promotional period. 

Supplier Produced Merchandisers

The purpose of this display is to enhance our customer experience in-store. It tells a strong brand story that may be associated with a tactical occasion occurring within the period; the display/merchandiser must be relevant to the period. (e.g. Halloween merchandiser during P8, Mother’s Day merchandiser during P2). The merchandiser creative must be submitted for approval at the time of the initial application.

Merchandiser Set Up:
• Merchandisers must be delivered on the first Monday of the promotional period and fully assembled and merchandised by agents
• Displays must also be removed on the first Monday of the next period by agents
• LCBO Retail Employees are not responsible for merchandiser assembly or take-down.