This program highlights and promotes the new products at the LCBO. Each new product is featured with a pre-printed bin tag underlay that communicates that the product is NEW to our customers. 


There is no fee to for this program. 

Program Details

The LCBO will provide Retail Store Employees a list of products that are new to the LCBO in each period’s Marketing & Product Guide (the Store Promotional Workbook). Stores that list the product will display the NEW bin tag underlay on-shelf with the existing bin tag for two entire Promotional Turns. The introduction of a new size does not warrant a NEW bin tag underlay.

Program Dates

New Product bin tag underlays will remain in place for two Promotional Turns. If a product is introduced to stores mid-turn, the New Product underlay will be communicated for display for the following turn.


Suppliers are not required to apply for the program.