The Value-Add Program offers customers something extra when they purchase a featured product in LCBO stores. This program is well received and generates a great deal of excitement with both customers and store employees.


Approved products are subject to a $1,000 participation fee per representative or plant applied value-add per Promotional Turn (flat rate). The agent/supplier is responsible for providing the Value-Add or "give-away" items. Participants will also absorb the costs of added duties, freight and excise taxes in order to maintain the regular price of a product during the Promotional Turn.

Terms and Conditions 

LCBO Value Add Terms and Conditions

(Updated March 2022)


Suppliers are responsible for the production of Value-Add items. Value Add items must not interfere with any adjacent products (i.e. oversized). There are no size specifications for non beverage alcohol Value-Add items. The applicable Category or Product Manager must approve all Value-Added items. Value-Added items may be applied to the product by the supplier prior to shipping or by sales representatives in store.

Wording on P.O.P.

Product labeling and signage for Value-Add items highlighting the giveaway must read, “Free with Purchase. “ It is not acceptable to use the word “Free” by itself.


Follow this link for information. Value-Added items must be defined on the application, "To Be Determined (TBD)" will not be accepted.

Food Value-Add Program Requirements

Food Value-Add products are subject to specific regulatory requirements pertaining to product composition, labeling and traceability. The LCBO updated the framework supporting the Value-Add program to incorporate specific requirements for Food products to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Effective February, 2021, Food Value-Add submissions that are considered for the Promotional Program require to undergo an Attestation and Traceability information disclosure.

Suppliers are required to complete a Food Product Value-Add Questionnaire where the Agent/Vendor provides required information related to product composition, labeling and traceability.

Vendors must be aware that Product Traceability records must be provided to the LCBO within 5 hours from the request for such records. Typically, requests for Product Traceability are prompted by Quality Investigations up to/including Product Recalls therefore a timely response is critical to ensure product safety and compliance requirements. For more details related to CFIA Traceability requirements please refer to: Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (

Applications with value-adds must include a description of the value-add and size. For Online Exclusives, value-add dimensions must be provided in its packaged form. Wherever possible, provide a picture of the value-add in the ‘Supporting Creative and Assets’ Tab in excel application.

NOTE: The description of value-add should include as much detail as possible, including but not limited to:


  • - All offer contents (tools, branded box, etc.)
  • - Quantity of value adds
  • - Packaging colour
  • - Size (mL) if applicable
  • - Type of glass – rocks, balloon, martini
  • - Is it branded?
  • - Is the value-add FREE? Or incremental in cost?
  • - Any extra unique aspects?


If your value-add is or has a food component, please complete the Food Product Value-add Questionnaire posted on the Promotional Calandar page for more information.

Value-Add Program Update (April 2023)

The follow requirements have been instituted for value-adds. These requirements will be in effect moving forward for applications as of FY24 P11/P12/P13.

- Near pack value-adds on End Aisles must be applied to all SKUs on the End and must be confirmed at time of application.

- Near pack value-add dimensions must be submitted at time of the application, for planogramming and e-commerce shipping information purposes.

- On-pack and near pack value-adds cannot be a gift bag or reusable bag. Exceptions should be discussed with Category for pre-approval.

NOTE: Applications without all required information will be declined.

Opportunity: LCBO gift cards as a value-add product

" "

Our customers know that LCBO is a place to find great gifts year-round.

We want to provide gifting options for all seasons that will showcase product online and in stores through partnered value-add opportunities. 

Consider adding an LCBO Gift Card as a value-add!

    · Value-adds of gift cards must not exceed 20% of the value of the product
    · must be a minimum of $5
    · can be co-branded or use existing LCBO gift cards
    · supplier to absorb cost of value-add
    · At this time, there is no additional charge to participate (besides the cost of
    the gift card mentioned above)

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact before the promotion application deadline.