LCBO's Destination Collection is an enhanced lineup of international products, with selections continuously added to discover and experience.



"As a young man studying to be chef, I enrolled in a wine course. Little did I know it would spark a career of over 30 years in the industry and a lifelong passion that I’m always excited to share. That’s why I invite you to experience our Destination Collection; an enhanced selection of products from around the world. You’ll find a collection of unique international products – more than any store could carry – with selections continuously added for you to taste and experience."   

George Soleas, LCBO President & CEO

Destination Collection Submission Guide. Step One: Review the Products Needs letter to determine if your product fits. Gather your pitch including performance metrics, bottle images, tasting notes-- anything that makes your product unique! Step two: Submit your product via NISS by the pre-submission deadline including details that will help it stand out! Step three: After the product call has closed, the Destination Collection Product Manager will review your submission and a decision will be made to proceed with purchase or decline the product. Factors that influence our pick: Fit with product call parameters. Past performance of the same product in the Destination Collection Program and/or the performance of other products from the same supplier. 3rd party awards/accolades. Label and packaging appeal. Product differentiation.