Please see the below steps and requirements for the NISS notification you've received, along with other helpful infomation and forms.

Please note that anything sent prior to a request will not be accepted.

For further questions, please reach out to your Category Administartor. Their contact information can be found in the Merchandising contact list.


For sample deliveries, please send to the following address:

Attn: LCBO Merchandising Storage

6th floor - 100 Queens Quay East 

Toronto, Ontario

M5E 0C7

Please ensure to attach the Package Label for Samples to each package delivered to LCBO. See form LCB 2030 Package Label for Samples.

New Supplier Number

Please ensure you have submitted a Vendor Profile Form (2297).

Once approved, please provide your supplier with their vendor number and ensure they request access to WebPO via TPAR - LCBO - SAM (


Helpful Links

Product Needs List

For the most recent Product Needs list, please see the Product Needs Letter page.

Online Tools, Systems and Forms

For access requests and other information regarding online access offered to agents and suppliers please see Online Tools, Systems and Forms.

Sales Target Information

For sales target updates, please see the Sales Target for LCBO products update page.

Please note: Sales targets for LCBO products are updated annually.

Freight Rates

For current freight rates, please see the Freight Rate List.

Promotional Calendar

For promotional opportunities, please see the Promotional Calendar.

Pricing Calculators

For support regardng pricing a products, please see our pricing calculators.

Invoice Prefix Legend

For an invoice prefix breakdown, please see the Invoice Prefix Legend.

Quality Services

For for information regarding Quality Services, such as testing services, policy and guidelines, please see the Quality Services page. 

Ontario Small Distillers Program

For more information pertaining to the Ontario Small Distillers Programs, please see the Ontario Small Distillers Direct to LCBO Stores Program page.


Important Documents

NISS User Guide

Helpful tips and guidance for the New Item Submission System (NISS).

NISS Package Review Submission

Must be submitted during the NISS listing product for tray and carton review; This can also be done on listed products.

Request for Label Examination Form

Request For Shipping Container Examination Form