Vintages issues product calls (formerly product needs letters) twice a year, outlining the types of products the buyers wish to purchase in the coming months.

For LCBO products, product calls are posted annually, or as required. These call sets out the type of products that the LCBO is particularly interested in purchasing in a given year.

Product Calls are based upon an assessment of opportunities determined by the buying areas, consumers, market and sales trend information from both LCBO and external sources, such as Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdiction reports, global reports, and trade publications, amongst others.

The call will stipulate the criteria of the submission including style of product, and price point(s). The submission deadlines are specified and must be met in order for a product to be accepted for consideration for purchase.


Merchandising Product Needs 2024-25

March to September 2024

2023-24 NISS ID 3753 Dealcoholized Beer and Cider

Merchandising Product Needs 2023-24 (October 20, 2023 Update)

August 2023 to March 2024

Merchandising Product Needs 2023-24

February to July 2023

Merchandising Product Needs



Vintages Product Needs

July to August 2024

Vintages Product Needs

May to June 2024

Vintages Product Needs

March to May 2024

Vintages Product Needs

January to March 2024

Vintages Purchasing Process

Destination Collection

Destination Collection Product Needs

Spring 2024

Destination Collection Product Needs

Fall 2023

Destination Collection Product Needs

Fall 2022 - Updated April 2023

Destination Collection Product Needs

Spring 2022

Destination Collection Program Overview

LCBO Sales Targets

F24-25 Merchandising Sales Targets

F23-24 Merchandising Sales Targets

F22-23 Merchandising Sales Targets

F21-22 Merchandising Sales Targets

F19-20 Merchandising Sales Targets