How to Apply

There are two types of promotional opportunities. Previously, they were referred to as Non-Applied and Applied. Note that we have changed the terminology to more clearly articulate the promotions and the application process.

They are now called Phase 1 and Phase 2 Promotions, and refer specifically to the type of application that we require submitted by Trade Partners in each case:

  • - “Excel Applied Deadlines - Phase 1 (Key Displays & Activations)”
  • - “MPTS Applied Deadlines - Phase 2 (Secondary Displays & Support)”



  • - Complete the application form, “F23 Phase 2 Promotional Opportunities Application Form,” (linked below) and submit by the deadline indicted on the following page.
  • - We expect to receive one file per supplier. If applying for promotional opportunities in multiple periods please indicate on the application form.
  • - Mock-ups for all supplier produced merchandisers and enhanced activations are also required at the time of application.
  • - *UPDATED PROCESS* Change the title of the document to include the applicant name (e.g. Agent or Vendor), and send the application file to
  • - ONLY successful applicants will be notified, due to the volume of applications.


Phase 1 (Key Displays & Activations) Programs:


Beer Excitement Zone

Block Pile A (Beer)

Block Pile B (RTD)

Block Pile C (Spirits Value)

Enhanced Display Activation (Block Pile D) with Supplier Merchandiser

End Aisles 1-4 (SPIRITS & WINES Partnership End Aisles)

Spirits Cold Room

Store 511 Displays

Wines Flex Space



Entrance Table/Cocktail of the Month with Program Page

Front Nesting Table with Homepage Feature

Middle Nesting Table with Homepage Feature

Feature Page (in conjunction with an in-store display/activation)



Feature Page (without a connection to in-store display space)

New Arrivals Hero Package

New Arrivals Base Package

Online One Day Sales:

  • - Online One Day Sale: Boxing Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Canada Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Civic Holiday
  • - Online One Day Sale: Cyber Monday
  • - Online One Day Sale: Spring Sale
  • - Online One Day Sale: Family Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Labour Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Thanksgiving
  • - Online One Day Sale: Victoria Day
  • - Online Weekend-Long Featured Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale
  • - Online Week-Long Featured Pre-Black Friday Sale

Online Exclusive Product(s) with Value Adds

Online Exclusive Curated Box

Virtual Experience: LCBO Produced

Virtual Experience: Supplier Produced


For MPTS APPLIED DEADLINES - PHASE 2 (SECONDARY DISPLAYS & SUPPORT), Trade partners can apply directly in MPTS.

  • - Successful applicants will be notified per the deadlines below.

LCBO will consider several factors when reviewing applications:

  • - Size of the brand and growth trend
  • - LCBO benefit: Sales, up-sell potential, relevancy
  • - Alignment with LCBO seasonal themes, evergreen themes, and key consumer occasions.
  • - Consumer benefit: Education, solution, engagement, value
  • - Spirit of Sustainability information provided

Please note that promotional forecasts are now mandatory at the time of your application for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 opportunities. Applications without forecasts included will not be considered.

Fiscal 2022/23 Deadlines

Please note that this year there are two separate application deadlines for Applied Deadlines - Phase 1 (Key Displays & Activations) and MPTS Applied Deadlines - Phase 2 (Secondary Displays & Support).

To express interest in any Phase 1 programming, please complete the promotional application form in Excel provided on 

In previous years, Beer, Cider & RTD had separate deadlines for application from Wines & Spirits. FY23 Deadlines are one and the same for all categories, referenced below.

*Note*: the P3/4 Phase 2 Application Deadline for Trade has been extended from November 19 to November 22.

Application Deadlines

Document Downloads

UPDATE MARCH 2021: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has new regulations about safety and traceability, and as such a new Form is required for all Value-Add submissions when they are food.

The submission questionnaire may be downloaded below.

FY23 Promotional Overview (October 2021)

Click here to download

F23 Phase 1 Promotional Opportunities Application Form (October 2021)

Click here to download the Excel Application Form

Value-Add Submissions Questionnaire (Food Items)

Click here to download the questionnaire

Period Calendar 2021-22

Financial Period Calendar