How to Apply

There are two types of promotional opportunities. Previously, they were referred to as Non-Applied and Applied. Note that we have changed the terminology to more clearly articulate the promotions and the application process.

They are now called Phase 1 and Phase 2 Promotions, and refer specifically to the type of application that we require submitted by Trade Partners in each case:

  • - “Excel Applied Deadlines - Phase 1 (Key Displays & Activations)”
  • - “MPTS Applied Deadlines - Phase 2 (Secondary Displays & Support)”



  • - Complete the application form, “F23 Phase 1 Promotional Opportunities Application Form,” found below and submit by the deadline indicated in the Deadlines table.
  • - We expect to receive one file per supplier.If applying for promotional opportunities in multiple periods please indicate on the application form.
  • - Mock-ups for all supplier produced merchandisers and enhanced activations are also required at the time of application.
  • - Send the application file to your respective category partner(s) at LCBO.
  • - ONLY successful applicants will be notified, due to the volume of applications.


List of Non-Applied Programs:


Beer Excitement Zone

Beer Impulse

Block Pile A (Beer)

Block Pile B (RTD)

Block Pile C (Spirits Value)

Enhanced Display Activation (Block Pile D) with Supplier Merchandiser

End Aisles 1-4 (SPIRITS Partnership End Aisles)

Impulse Display (SPF) Fixture

Spirited Picks

Spirits Cold Room

Store 511 Displays 

Wines Flex Space



Entrance Table/Cocktail of the Month with Program Page

Front Nesting Table with Homepage Feature

Middle Nesting Table (for Wines Trade Associations Only) with Homepage Feature

Feature Page (in conjunction with an in-store display/activation)



Feature Page (without a connection to in-store display space)

New Arrivals Hero Package

New Arrivals Base Package

Online One Day Sales:

  • - Online One Day Sale: Boxing Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Canada Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Civic Holiday
  • - Online One Day Sale: Cyber Monday
  • - Online One Day Sale: Spring Sale
  • - Online One Day Sale: Family Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Labour Day
  • - Online One Day Sale: Thanksgiving
  • - Online One Day Sale: Victoria Day
  • - Online Weekend-Long Featured Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale
  • - Online Week-Long Featured Pre-Black Friday Sale

Online Exclusive Product(s) with Value Adds

Online Exclusive Curated Box

Virtual Experience: LCBO Produced

Virtual Experience: Supplier Produced


For MPTS APPLIED DEADLINES - PHASE 2 (SECONDARY DISPLAYS & SUPPORT), Trade partners can apply directly in MPTS.

  • - Successful applicants will be notified per the deadlines below.

LCBO will consider several factors when reviewing applications:

  • - Size of the brand and growth trend
  • - LCBO benefit: Sales, up-sell potential, relevancy
  • - Alignment with LCBO seasonal themes, evergreen themes, and key consumer occasions.
  • - Consumer benefit: Education, solution, engagement, value
  • - Spirit of Sustainability information provided

Please note that promotional forecasts are now mandatory at the time of your application for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 opportunities. Applications without forecasts included will not be considered.

Fiscal 2022/23 Deadlines

Please note that this year there are two separate application deadlines for Applied Deadlines - Phase 1 (Key Displays & Activations) and MPTS Applied Deadlines - Phase 2 (Secondary Displays & Support).

To express interest in any Phase 1 programming, please complete the promotional application form in Excel provided on 

In previous years, Beer, Cider & RTD had separate deadlines for application from Wines & Spirits. FY23 Deadlines are one and the same for all categories, referenced below.

Application Deadlines

Document Downloads

UPDATE MARCH 2021: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has new regulations about safety and traceability, and as such a new Form is required for all Value-Add submissions when they are food.

The submission questionnaire may be downloaded below.

FY23 Promotional Overview

Click here to download

F23 Phase 1 Promotional Opportunities Application Form (July 2021)

Click here to download the Excel Application Form

Value-Add Submissions Questionnaire (Food Items)

Click here to download the questionnaire

Period Calendar 2021-22

Financial Period Calendar