Block Pile C is a display space used to feature our strongest Aeroplan Bonus Point offers. This block pile will be activated as 2 adjacent displays (one for Wines and one for Spirits). Suppliers are encouraged to apply with their best offer propositions.

This is an Excel Applied Promotional Program. Please apply by completing the Excel Application Form before the deadline.

Aeroplan Offer Option Examples:

• Single brand takeover with added overlay bundle offer (i.e., stock up for the holidays or build your bar)
• Each participating product has a bonus offer
• Multi-brand overlay bundle offer (i.e., purchase one of each and get more points OR buy multiples and get more points)
Marketing will support with signage on the block pile to call out overlay offers

• 171 stores total
• Refer to the Participating Store Lists linked below for stores and flighting information.

Assortment Requirement:
• Up to 6 Wine and 6 Spirits SKUs (merchandised on two separate block pile displays) with Aeroplan Bonus Offers

Digital Advertising Component:
• Products approved for this display will be included in LCBO’s Meta/Digital Value Flyer Campaigns (click link for more details).
• NOTE: Where displays feature multiple products from a single brand (or multiple brands), the LCBO will select, at their discretion, at least one product from each brand to be featured in the Meta Flyer. These Block Pile Packages, inclusive of all opportunities and non-negotiable, are available for a rate of 

Refer to the Seasonal Overview section for Product Allocations by Period.

*Pricing has been updated for FY25