Covid-19 Updates
11 May 2022
Transitioning from mandatory to recommended mask use on Monday, May 16 ...

As COVID-19 rates decrease across the province, we are revising our protocols and moving from mandat...

Covid-19 Updates
14 Apr 2022
Mandatory mask use reinstated in LCBO corporate offices and RSCs

The LCBO committed to remain agile and revise our COVID-19 protocols based on the evolving situation...

Covid-19 Updates
25 Feb 2022
Important update: LCBO’s phased approach to easing COVID-19 protocols

As you know, the provincial government has recently taken several steps to ease public health measur...

Covid-19 Updates
21 Dec 2021
Updated requirements on mask use at LCBO

As we navigate more transmissible variants of COVID-19, we are making some changes to our mask use r...

Covid-19 Updates
02 Dec 2021
Reminder: COVID-19 policy on trade partner visits to stores

As we enter the holiday season and retail traffic increases significantly, the safety of our employe...

Covid-19 Updates
07 Sep 2021
Update: LCBO Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine & Testing Policy and Trade ...

Today, we shared details regarding the implementation of LCBO’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine and testi...

Covid-19 Updates
18 Jun 2020
Thank you for your collaboration and messages of appreciation

Thanking trade members for their collaboration and messages of appreciation during COVID-19....

Covid-19 Updates
25 Mar 2020
Important Business Process Updates

Below please find some important updates on our business processes relating to... ...

Covid-19 Updates
18 Mar 2020
Important Trade Update

Important COVID updates for Trade members....

Covid-19 Updates
12 Mar 2020
LCBO COVID-19 Update: Working together to stay healthy

LCBO COVID-19 Update...

Covid-19 Updates
04 Mar 2020
LCBO Corporate Travel Update

LCBO Corporate Travel Update ...