The Store Development and Real Estate division plans, develops and implements the LCBO store network strategy. The LCBO brand is brought to life through store design, construction, relocations, renovations, maintenance and repairs. The focus is always on excellence in the customer experience. The ultimate goals with each new store we open is to offer customers a shopping experience that is ahead of their expectations with informative environments that are convenient and easy to shop.



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Health and Safety Expectations

While working at any LCBO property, the Supplier, at all times, will be responsible for all aspects of health and safety, including strict compliance with all applicable provisions of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (“OHSA”) and its applicable regulations. The LCBO has, at their discretion, the authority to stop any activity that is endangering LCBO employees and/or customers, or that puts the LCBO property and/or products at risk of injury or damage. The Supplier is expected to rectify all such situations immediately and ensure that there is no re-occurrence.

To continue protecting our employees, customers and others in our workplace from the transmission of COVID-19, all suppliers including contractors, subcontractors, trade, armoured car or delivery drivers are required to complete a COVID-19 screening/declaration immediately upon entering the LCBO premises and signing the visitor log.  COVID-19 Requirements, as dictated below, must be followed and maintained at all times. 

COVID-19 Requirements

The Supplier, subcontractors, and any other persons present at any LCBO property must comply with any legislative amendments, controls, regulations, requirements or orders that were or get issued by the Governments of Canada and the Province of Ontario in response to COVID-19, including any resurgence or mutation thereof.  

All LCBO Suppliers and Vendors must communicate COVID-19 policies and requirements to its employees and subcontractors or trades.  All measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 should be done in compliance with requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and associated regulations and public health directives issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

The Supplier, including its employees and subcontractors, must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times during any work being conducted at any LCBO property or while visiting at an LCBO site. This may include gloves, protective eyewear and/or a face mask. To that extent, all Suppliers, including their employees and subcontractors, should provide appropriate PPE including hand sanitizer to their staff.  Due to the significant demand, LCBO may not able to provide individuals with any PPE or hand sanitizer for on-site use. 

In addition, all Suppliers including its employees and subcontractors are expected to comply with the following:

  • - Do not share any personal protective equipment with anyone;
  • - Dispose of all disposable/consumable personal protective equipment before leaving the LCBO site;
  • - Wash your hands often and well;
  • - Avoid touching your face, nose, or mouth;
  • - Disinfect any tools that you require on-site, including your mobile  device, regularly;
  •  - Do not shake hands with anyone or share any tools or supplies at work (incl. your mobile device);
  • - Practice physical distancing, which requires a distance of at least two meters/six feet from others at all times and; 
  • - Do not attend an LCBO property/site if you are feeling sick 


In addition, there must be a designated area, or a location offsite that should be utilized for its employees, trades and subcontractors for any breaks and resting periods.  This designated area or an offsite location should be selected during the project kick-off meeting.