General Forms

LCB 1132 Diplomatic Institution Order Form

LCB 1642 Request for Label Examination

LCB 1896 Private Stock Product Trade Sample Refund Claim

LCB 1897 General Purchase Product Trade Sample Refund Claim

LCB 1959 Purchase of Foreign Beer

LCB 1994 Accessory Program Application Form

LCB 2099 Beer Coding Information

LCB 2102 Request for Shipping Container Examination

LCB 2187 Accessory Submission Form

LCB 2238 SOD Subscription Access Request Form

LCB 2269 Request for Laboratory Analysis

LCB 2359 Outdoor Event Submission Form

LCB 2360 Allergen Declaration Attestation

LCB 2388 Small Brewer Distribution Personal History Form

LCB 2389 Ontario Small Brewer Distribution – Brewer Application Form

LCB 2390 Ontario Small Brewer-Non-Brewer Business Application Form

Sample letter: Appointment of Exclusive Agent

Vintages Forms

LCB 1898 Vintages Product Trade Sample Refund Claim

Supplier Meeting Request Product Summary Sheet

VINTAGES Quote Template

Accounts Payable Forms

Vendor Profile Form - Instructions and Additional Information

Merchandising Program Application Forms

Discover Our Community Application

Sponsor Release Form

LCB 2107 Supplier Contest Review Form

New In-Store Tasting Program FAQs

New Product Information Sheet

New Product Information Sheet Instructions

LCB 2448 Enhanced Activations

LCB 2448 In-Store Activation Application Form

LCB 2449 Discovery Tasting Bar Application Form

LCB 2450 Celebrity Appearance Application Form

Information Sharing - Narrowcast Report

Narrowcast Application Terms and Conditions of Licence Form

Merchandising Programs - Participating Store Lists

End Aisles - Participating Store List

Front Nesting Table - Participating Store List

Entrance Table - Participating Store List

Feature Fixtures - Participating Store List

Middle Nesting Table - Participating Store List

Block Piles - Participating Store List

Mini Thematic A and B - Participating Store List

Mini Thematic C - Participating Store List

Flex Spaces - Participating Store List

Shelf Extenders - Participating Store List

Cold Room Spirits Display (A-Frame) - Participating Store List

Beer Excitement Zone - Participating Store List

Spirited Picks - Participating Store List

Special Promotional Fixtures - Participating Store List

Block Pile C - Participating Store List

Wine Fridge Program - Participating Store List