Aeroplan Block Pile In-Store

• Activated each period in a dedicated location in-store for Wines and Spirits
• Offer Option Examples:
        • Single brand takeover with added overlay bundle offer (i.e., stock up
        for the holidays or build your bar)
        • Each participating product has a bonus offer
        • Multi-brand overlay bundle offer (i.e., purchase one of each and get         more points OR buy multiples and get more points)
        • Marketing will support with signage on the block pile to call out overlay
• Refer to the Block Pile C page for details

Encourage Case Sales

• Offer example: Buy a case of wine and get enough points for a $10 LCBO gift card
        • Each SKU has a bonus offer that add up to 1,000+ points enabling             added signage to encourage the up-sell purchase to the full case.
        • Bundled offer: Buy 12 units and get 1,000 bonus points
        • Great opportunity for Vintages product promotion!

New Product Launch Packages

• Layer on an Aeroplan bonus offer to your new product to encourage customer trial
• Beyond the increase to sales you will receive:
        • Reporting:
                • Standard Aeroplan results reporting
                • Deeper dive reporting including added information on                 customer demographics, what competitive products the                 customer bought prior to purchasing your product
                • Post-promotion reporting – what happened over the 3                 months post the launch of your product
        • Additional Marketing support in Aeroplan channels
 •Refer to the e-commerce New Arrivals Hero Package pages for more package details

Special Promotions

If you are interested in exploring a different type of offer to support a group of products differently, please apply with all proposal details using the Excel Promo Application form, and select “Special Aeroplan Promotion” from the program drop down.
• For example: Wines of X Region
        • Objective to encourage customers to try the region or to stock up         on wines from the region
        • Offer example: Spend $x on wines from X region and get Y                 points