The Front End Merchandiser program is aimed at encouraging customers to build their basket at the last touchpoint in their customer journey in-stores. These displays will focus on small format, impulse wines and spirits as add-on sales opportunities.

These are MPTS Applied Promotional Programs. Please apply through MPTS directly before the deadline.

• FEM1 (Brown Spirits Impulse) 119 stores total
• FEM2 (Wines Impulse) 94 stores total
• FEM3 (White Spirits Impulse) 61 stores total
• Refer to the Participating Store Lists linked below for stores and flighting information.

Assortment Requirement:

• Up to 2 SKUs (merchandised on the top shelf of the FEM)

This Package, inclusive of all opportunities and non-negotiable, is available at the following rates:

Refer to the Seasonal Overview section for Product Allocations by Period.

*Pricing has been updated for FY25