The Essentials Collection is a limited and carefully curated portfolio of our customers’ favourite premium products that have consistently demonstrated great success in our market. These products are continuously available in select retail locations. There is an expectation that products in our Essentials Collection will be supported in market with an annual promotional spend to ensure they achieve maximum sales potential and exceed the annual sales target. Sales performance of Essentials products is reviewed against their targets on a regular basis, and the portfolio is refreshed annually.

Essentials on Offer Program:

The “Essentials on Offer” program launched in February 2019 as a bi-monthly paid end program highlighting two products from our Essentials Collection in our top 50 Vintages locations.  In the first period, both products are promoted on the end with an LTO.  In the second period of the program, stores maintained the products on the end aisle display at full retail price.


The sales results for this promotion have been outstanding! Sales lifts average +125% in the first period when the products are on LTO. 



With the rollout of our Vintages merchandising standards last year, the number of stores participating in the program has increased from 50 to 150 of our top stores.



Effective P8 (Oct 2020), “Essentials on Offer” will change to a one-period promotion, with the exception of P10 and P11, which will continue to be sold together.  The program will continue to highlight two products on a designated end in 150 stores with an LTO offer.  With the exception of P10 and 11, the products will change each period.  This change will allow us to capitalize on the exceptional sales momentum we see when the product is on display and LTO and it will allow more opportunities for our Essentials brands to participate in a given year.



Periods                                                          Program fee

P1 – P9, P12 and P13                                     $10,750/ period plus an LTO

P10                                                               $12,750                        

P11                                                               $8,750


The program will continue to be supported with a backer card and digital advertisement.


Essentials On Offer Program - Participating Stores

Click the link for the participating store list